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Your Perfect/Ideal College is...

ugstudentq12ugstudentq12 344 replies54 threadsRegistered User Member
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Hey guys,

I was thinking and obviously no college is perfect. Each one has its ups, its 'OKs' and its downs. But, if you could describe your 'perfect/ideal' college what would it be like and what would it be named(only if you want to share). I will give an example:

My Perfect college would have Duke's level of athleticism, College X's size... College Y's amazing profs. and so on and so on.
Or you could just go ahead and describe it without comparing it to any current college.
For example: My ideal college would have an awesome sports teams and...

Just curious about what people's idea of a 'perfect' college is and whether it resembles any current colleges. Anything that has anything to do with your perception of the ideal college is acceptable.

Thanks.. feel free to comment!
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Replies to: Your Perfect/Ideal College is...

  • wowowowwowowow 50 replies11 threads. Junior Member

    I guess my perfect college would have the following:
    -very good sports teams
    -decent looking girls(not as important as the other ones)
    -good financial aid packages
    -kind to INTL. students!
    -good food
    -lots of research opportunities.

    Some do not apply but closest for me would probably be Johns Hopkins. I would say it is a 70% match with my 'perfect' criteria.
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  • mashrurmashrur 70 replies33 threads. Junior Member
    i would have to say that my perfect college would be
    -not too big .. not too small
    -holistic approach
    -all round student body.. atheletes .. academics
    -helpful professors
    Yup that's just a few. There really is no 'prefect' college. I wish.. but it would be mad hard to get into.
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  • AeroEngineer3141AeroEngineer3141 3579 replies28 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    In no order of importance:

    - location: a warm scenic suburban school near a beach, mountain, white-water river, NYC, private civilian airport, and paintball field. :D
    - amazing varsity sports
    - a prestigious, yet party, school (<15% admissions rate or so)
    - amazing food, dorms, and hang out areas (on campus as well as off)
    - research / internship opportunities
    - amazing people

    Or something like that.
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  • msneicireneemsneicirenee 336 replies27 threadsRegistered User Member
    My perfect college would be:
    -Extremely Diverse
    -Name Recognition (Prestige a plus)
    -Located in a Large City (at least 500,000)
    -Athletics/School Spirit (no need for winning, though helpful obviously)
    -NOT Traditional Campus Feel think NYU (unless right in middle of Downtown)
    -Affordable (Times are Hard)
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  • highopeshighopes 1560 replies21 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    For me, a perfect college would be...

    - medium-size student body (~6,000 students)
    - located in/near a city, but still in a safe area
    - most students live on campus, but not very Greek
    - kids who are smart, but not nerdy
    - top ~30 college, or at least with a decent reputation and many opportunities
    - moderate party scene and middle-of-the-road sports
    - students from all over the country/world
    - laid-back academics, where people aren't insanely competitive
    - moderately liberal in politics, and preferably not religiously affiliated
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  • 2e4L2e4L 180 replies13 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Any college whereupon graduation students enter a state of nirvana for the entirety of their lives.
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  • 2e4L2e4L 180 replies13 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    And it's contagious
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  • _Silence_Silence 679 replies20 threadsRegistered User Member
    Hm I guess it'd be something like this:
    -need-blind for internationals
    -located in or near a big city
    -good programs in criminal justice/criminology, anthropology, japanese, linguistics, psychology
    -diverse student body
    -not too crappy dorms.
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  • TheBlackLanternTheBlackLantern 648 replies124 threadsRegistered User Member
    i think my ideal college is UCLA but with higher prestige, not to say of course that ucla is already prestigious.
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  • glassesarechicglassesarechic 5471 replies16 threadsRegistered User Senior Member

    -5,000 undergrads and about as many grad students so as not to overwhelm
    -Undergrad focus within larger uni
    -Good newspaper
    -Good creative writing program (good instruction and internships)
    -Fun debate team
    -Lots of diversity and intermixing
    -Laid back but motivated, self competitive
    -Nerds who can party
    -In a smaller city
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  • yournamehereyournamehere 1402 replies186 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    top priority ----> academics.

    the others, not in any particular order of importance:
    small/medium college town feel (i hate big city environment...like NYU...yikes)
    great school spirit/athletics. i wanna be able to go to a football game and cheer like crazy...just to be in a big melting pot
    fun/laid back ppl+hot guys...well i can hold off on the latter one for a bit. maybe not "hot" guys. but at least decent looking ones.
    international opportunities/internship
    nice dorms/healthy food (haha)
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  • msneicireneemsneicirenee 336 replies27 threadsRegistered User Member
    ^ Don't take back your hot guys preference. If this is your perfect college, believe me, every person on here wants hot guys/girls. No one imagines going to school with decent guys... come on this is a dream. Think dime pieces. lol
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  • CervantesCervantes 750 replies8 threads- Member
    I'd rather go to a school with ugly guys. :P
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  • Firecube2426Firecube2426 139 replies60 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    The perfect college? The college with no tuition fees and guaranteed job after graduation! Oh and the college gives out at least two vacations for free!
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  • LuckyStarBoyLuckyStarBoy 166 replies21 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Perfect college is:

    1. Extremely Large (30,000+)
    2. Integrated with a city rather than having a central campus
    3. Highly regarded with Biology
    4. A well known research university
    5. School Spirit/Good athletics

    And I found it. University of Wisconsin-Madison.
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  • KeilexandraKeilexandra 5360 replies132 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    Yale, but LAC-size, open curriculum, and with less homeless people hanging around New Haven (the culture of a small city is nice without being overwhelming, though). I'm seriously infatuated with Y's library.
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  • yournamehereyournamehere 1402 replies186 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    i want the hot AND the smart. stereotypicall, all the hot ones are not smart. and that is exactly what my HS is like.

    cervantes...i assume ur goin to stanford. congrats! and good luck on ur "i'd rather go to a school w/ugly guys". is stanford really close to the UC's?
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  • mashrurmashrur 70 replies33 threads. Junior Member
    hmm waiting for this thread to turn into perfect college vs Duke!
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  • LuckyStarBoyLuckyStarBoy 166 replies21 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Voodoo_Santa, racist much?
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  • legend.draculalegend.dracula 582 replies66 threadsRegistered User Member
    My criteria are:
    Strong Business Department (cuz that's my major :P)
    In urban area (extremely large campus )
    Affordable dorm for students (especially when the price is raising significantly)
    Friendly environment
    Good restaurants, supermarkets, hospital, shops, public transportations near schools.
    Ample internship opportunities.
    Lots of activities for students.
    Generous in giving financial aid for international students (cuz I'm Asian :P)
    Guarantee high salary for students when doing job
    Studying abroad programs
    Great professors
    Big sport team and a recreation center for students
    Up-to-date facility
    lol I know it sounds biased but that's my dream college :P and dream is forever a dream
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