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Question about the Columbia Supplement

xxblairxxblair 161 replies17 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
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On Columbia's supplement, it has a section for required books/reading and one for just pleasure reading.

So for the pleasure reading section, I was wondering if the books had to be officially published..
Like, I read A LOT of online "novels" that haven't been officially published, but if it were to be someday published (because they're really really good), the books would be about 150-300 pages in total... which is an average length for most books.

What I was wondering was if I could put those "novels" that I read in the "what you read for fun" section on the Columbia supplement... or do they actually have to be officially published (like under a publishing company).


And also, does anyone know for sure if we have to put the authors name along with the titles of the books?
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Replies to: Question about the Columbia Supplement

  • sd6sd6 1155 replies96 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    To your first question, absolutely! You can also include a brief note about how those are online novels; it might make you stand out a little in that you take the time to read things that many other people haven't heard of because they interest you greatly.

    To the second question, it doesn't matter. But, in your case, I would just because they probably wouldn't know the authors of your online books.
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