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AP Score vs Transcript

apanddeathapanddeath 0 replies2 postsRegistered User New Member
If I get a B in Physics C: Mechanics, but then I get a 5 on the AP Exam, will the B still negatively impact my admission?

FYI: I will apply for admission in Fall 2020 and in Computer Science
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Replies to: AP Score vs Transcript

  • skieuropeskieurope 38510 replies6739 postsSuper Moderator Super Moderator
    If you get rejected, it will not be because of a B.

    If your question is "Will a 5 on the AP exam 'make up' for a B?" then the answer is no.Your 5 showed that you can perform well on a 3 hour test (well, 1.5 hours for mechanics). That does not supersede your in-class performance of 18 or 36 weeks.
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