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Chance me for Columbia ED

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Please please be honest. my GPA is definitely low but I’m hoping for some leniency at least. and yes I will BUST MY ASS on those essays.

GPA: (expected) 3.65 UW ~4.2 W

This is due to my sophmore year where I went through some family trauma, and that is the ONLY year my grades were bad. This year will be mostly As with 1-2 Bs. I plan on explaining this through my app and counselor letter.

SAT: 1540

Subject Tests: 800, 770



started 10th grade

secretary (11th)

qualled to states twice

a bunch of local awards

should be top 50-60th in state for my event (lol not great ik!)


Secretary 10th, VP 11th, Pres 12th

no real awards or anything come with this lol

Ethics Bowl

Co-President and Founder (11th and 12th)

11th at the nat tournament (this year)

Teen/Young Democrats

member of the school club

exec council for state level

communications chair for county level

[Local nonprofit that is a school club as well]

member of outreach committee 11th and 12th

Non-Profit (founder and prez)

focuses on sustainability in my area

collects shoes and clothes to recycle and hosts drives for donations/recycling

promotes awareness of sustainability in the fashion industry and the problems with fast fashion, how to be a better consumer and environmental activist (have hosted local workshops and stuff)

March For Our Lives

Co-Founded chapter in my city, co-prez

Debate Related Nonprofit

member of development team

(maybe) state director 12th

Political Magazine (youth run and led)

staff writer

(maybe leadership in 12th)

Teen Court

youth attourney

[Town] Youth Council

volunteering, 75 ish hours (mehhhhh not a lot ik)

--- other things but idk if I can classify as ECs

senate page

governor's page

---- summer stuff

last summer

campaign internship with county level democratic party

debate camp

this summer

intern with state-level democratic party

research at t10 university near me

mentorship program run by state gov
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