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Ask a graduated CS Student anything!

Steve_Sondermann0Steve_Sondermann0 0 replies1 threadsRegistered User New Member
PhD in Computer Science, Berkeley (2014-2018)
M.S in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Berkeley (2012-2014)
B.S in Computer Science Honors Track, Cornell University (2008-2012)

Feel free to ask me about my stats to get into The Cornell Computer Science Program.
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Replies to: Ask a graduated CS Student anything!

  • monydadmonydad 7830 replies158 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
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    -What did you think of the program?
    -Do you feel you were well prepared for your graduate studies?

    -My own feeling, graduating from Cornell in antiquity, was that people pretty much "got what they deserved"; people who were "good" did really well for themselves, others not so much, and everything in between, and it corresponded roughly to their actual individual merits. Did you observe the same? Did the CS grads you knew do relatively well for themselves? I guess what I'm askng is do you think Cornell did well by them, all in all? should the aspiring CS'ers viewing this thread want to go there?
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