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Chance me at Cornell University RD Class of 25 '

daniellecrystal6daniellecrystal6 11 replies4 threads Junior Member
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Cornell is one of my top choice schools, however, I am aiming for a higher GPA to submit around the regular decision dates.

Sorry this is LONG

Demographics :
Gender - Female
Ethnicity - Hispanic
California Resident (born in NY however)
Intended Major: Biomedical Engineering
Attending Arts School/ Charter School

Stats :
3.7/4.0 UW
4.2/4.0 W
Aiming to submit 4.4 GPA and 3.85 UW
Total of Advanced Classes I will complete/submit - 18
6 AP , 8 Honors , 4 Community College Classes
SAT Intended Score - Aiming for the 1500s, I am devoting hours a day until I take the test.
Ranking - No Ranking at School, Reaching a certain GPA qualifies you as Valedictorian (includes me)

ECs :
Music (Violinist) (7 Years)
-Principal Player of High School Orchestra for 2 years so far
(California School of the Arts Philharmonic Strings)
-Led orchestra to Regionals : Superior Rating (highest rating orchestras are able to receive)
-Participated in collaborations with other University Orchestras and world class soloists
-Selected to perform solo with orchestra at Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA) by 11 time Grammy nominated artist

Children of the World Project (11-12th grade year)
- Started Own Non Profit Organization (Creator and Founder of Project)
-Collaborations from 9 Countries

The Children of the World Project gives youth the opportunity to learn about various and different arts as not all K-12 schools provide more than 1 artistic program. Children get to speak with individuals who are passionate about the same art children decide to be more interested in. Project’s name is inspired by Michael Jackson’s “We are the World”, quoting “We are the World, We are the Children” as it is true that children will be the inspiration to the future generations to come.

As a passionate musician myself, I wish I had discovered more about the arts when I was younger, as music has shaped the person I am today. My leadership, determination, and dedication have all come from learning the art. It has even led me to creating this project that has the goal of giving children the chance to learn more about something that may be their passion or drive that shapes them into their bright potential future.

Dragon Kim Foundation (9-12th Grade year)

-Mentor for K-5 students( Teaching Students Guitar and Music Fundamentals)

This foundation was influenced by Dragon Kim, a boy who was passionate about many things, including music. He initiated a project that provided kids with free music instruction, and in order to fulfill his legacy after his death, this foundation was created. We provide young kids with various different music programs.

Foundation was founded in 2015.

Taekwondo (9-12th Grade year)
-1st Degree Black Belt
-Taekwondo Mentor for Beginner Students
Black Belt claimed 2020

Summer Programs (9-10th Grade Year)
-Accepted and attended NYU Summer Program
-Attended Berklee College of Music Summer Program
-Accepted and attended Ingenium Academy in the UK.
Worked with Musicians from more than 45 countries

Competitive Mathematics Club (9-10th grade year)
-Co-President of Club
-Participated in the American Mathematics Competition

Movies (Work) (9-10th Grade Year)
Playing with Beethoven - Portrayed Musician (Paid)
Bloody Corral - Violinist for Score (Paid)

Honor Societies (9th-12th Grade Year)
-Tri M Music Honor Society (Founder and Elected President 2020)
-National Honor Society (Elected Officer 2020) 5 officer positions for 160 students
-California Scholarship Federation (No Positions Available)

Community Service (9-12th Grade Year)
504 Hours of Community Service Hours
More known as :
-Project Coordinator
-Math Tutor
Created and participated in various projects for Community

Awards -
Dean's Award (Berklee College of Music) at International Summer Program
Regina Carter Award- Awarded at International Summer Program
Pillar Award- School Choice of Leadership Exemplary
Ambassador Award- Community Service Award
Principal's List/Honor Roll

I have a great passion for music, however all the skills I have learned, such as leadership, dedication, and determination I hope to use in Biomedical Engineering. I always thought my doctors as superheroes, as some have even saved my life (have never had it easy). Physics, and Biology fascinate me!

I believe most can learn what it's like from going to internships with other amazing students, but I know my music experiences can be a good different for colleges compared to those who went to them. My GPA may be low but I am super dedicated to the things that I love. I appreciate music more as an art than the competitions and how it looks for college. I am super hard on myself and I am worried that it's too focused on music. An internship did get canceled for me this summer.

I received merit based financial need for all the summer programs. My mom worked hours to provide me with those opportunities as well.

( Have not seen my biological father in 8 years.)
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4 replies
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Replies to: Chance me at Cornell University RD Class of 25 '

  • momofsenior1momofsenior1 10391 replies122 threads Senior Member
    A couple of thoughts. First off, I think your GPA is already in the ballpark, especially if at your school you are one of the vals. Your GPA will be assessed within the context of your school. (A school report goes with your transcript).

    Which college at Cornell are you planning on applying to? I ask because BME is in the CoE but your resume reads to me more like a CAS applicant with your strong music interest. You could major in physics through CAS. IMO, I think you have a stronger shot at admission through CAS than CoE. Just a better alignment of interests and experiences based on what you posted. If you are set on BME as your major, I think you'll have to get creative packaging yourself for CoE.

    Have you run the NPC for Cornell? Cornell does not give any merit based aid. It's all need based. Cornell also requires the CSS Profile so your father will need to complete his too unless the school grants your a noncustodial parent waiver.
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  • daniellecrystal6daniellecrystal6 11 replies4 threads Junior Member
    edited June 23

    I would qualify for need based aid.

    At this point, how could I strengthen my application for biomedical engineering or CoE?
    How could I creatively package myself?

    Thanks for the feedback.
    edited June 23
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  • momofsenior1momofsenior1 10391 replies122 threads Senior Member
    Think about how you want to list your ECs on your common app when the time comes. I would suggest highlighting your math club and math tutoring first. You may also want to look into SWE (Society of Women in Engineering) to see if they are offering anything in your area. They do a lot of cool free stuff for high school students.

    What science/math courses have you taken and are planning to take? Does your school offer any pre-engineering courses? For BME, make sure you able to take AP physics mechanics before graduation (if it's offered at your school). Also get to AP calc if offered.

    You are right to prep hard for the SAT. Assuming that they'll be re-offered, that will help you.

    I would use the how has covid impacted you prompt to talk about your cancelled summer internship as well.

    Good luck to you!
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  • daniellecrystal6daniellecrystal6 11 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Hello once more!

    AP Physics C will not be offered at my school
    Throughout High School (the classes that suggest CoE) I will have taken -
    Biology Honors
    Chem Honors
    AP Physics 1
    Pre-Calc Honors
    Psychology- Community College
    AP Bio nor AP Physics C will not be offered at school this fall, so I will be taking Biotechnology at a community college.
    AP Calculus
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