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HELP Accidentally forgot to use a "peer" recommender

stellyystellyy 5 replies3 threads New Member
edited December 2013 in Dartmouth College
So I want to apply to Dartmouth early and had sent everything in and thought everything was all set. But then I found out that Dartmouth required an actual "peer" recommender, like someone your age. I didn't realize this, so on the common app I used my coach in the "other recommender" section. So I sent in my common app, but I obviously need to send in a peer recommendation. (I even looked at the "check your status" thing on the Dartmouth website to see if everything had been sent in, and the only thing that hasn't was my "Peer Evaluation", obviously because I never actually sent one in). So I don't know how to send in one after my common app has been sent. Should I just do the offline/send through the actual mail recommendation? Should I email [email protected] with my friend/teammate's recommendation? I was going to call the admissions office today, but I was too late and they closed up for the night. The early deadline is tomorrow so...

I'm going to call the office tomorrow morning and explain my situation, and they can tell me what I have to do. But has anybody else had any experience with this? Or can offer me comfort that it'll be okay, because I'm a little stressed.
edited December 2013
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Replies to: HELP Accidentally forgot to use a "peer" recommender

  • Momof2back2backMomof2back2back 672 replies4 threads Member
    This is a tough one because it shows that you did not read the Dartmouth instructions (their information is quite clear that it has to be a peer). So I would NOT tell them that you didn't realize this ... first, does the Common App still let you "invite" another recommender?

    If not, you might simply call them and say that you had trouble "inviting" your peer since you had already "invited" your coach -- the schools are having such trouble with the Common App that you might get a bye. Then let them know the name of the peer that is writing your recommendation and that the person will provide it to your guidance counselor and your GC can mail it in). Many recommendations are not necessarily in right at the deadline, but get a peer to write a good one quick.
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  • Swimmer726Swimmer726 642 replies27 threads Member
    Don't lie. Tell the truth. However, I do agree that you didn't follow the instructions carefully and that could hurt.
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  • LabGlintLabGlint 6 replies2 threads New Member
    I also didn't realize you had to do this last year and still got in. There are tons of people who forgot to do this portion of the application and got in regardless. It probably doesn't matter much... if it all. y0l0
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  • RainbowumbrellaRainbowumbrella 24 replies3 threads New Member
    Oh wow same here!!! I thought other rec could replace peer rec in the other rec category...its now so late!! did you fix it Stellyy?
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  • stellyystellyy 5 replies3 threads New Member
    Actually, yes I did get this problem solved! I ended up calling Dartmouth Admissions the day the app was due and just told them that I had already sent my application in but that I had forgotten my peer recommendation. They told me no problem and to just email [email protected] with my peer recommendation and the paper that has things like name, how do you know the applicant, etc. I just scanned both and sent them through that email. Don't forget to tell them in the email your full name and address so they can actually know where to file the recommendation.

    I don't know about how late it is to send it right now, but when I called November 8th, they told me that if I didn't get it sent in before the end of the day that it was no big deal and that they realize that some people have trouble with recommendations because of slow teachers and such. Also, I saw on the website on the "early decision checklist" that sometime in November that they are going to send out emails to all ED applicants that are missing something in their application, so maybe you might get an email telling you that you need to send in a peer rec. letter. I would send one in anyway through the email as soon as possible.

    I actually just had an interview with an alumni this morning, so finally, everything is done for my application for Dartmouth. I think the interview went well. It was in a Panera so I had a bagel and coffee afterwards :) Now all I can do is wait and see if I get accepted. Crossing my fingers that all goes well!
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  • AboutTheSameAboutTheSame 3201 replies48 threads Senior Member
    Thanks for posting this for the benefit of others.
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  • RainbowumbrellaRainbowumbrella 24 replies3 threads New Member
    yea..thank you
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  • RainbowumbrellaRainbowumbrella 24 replies3 threads New Member
    Yea great ive emailed them and had it solved as well...im from mainland China i dont know when to expect interviews...i think possibly none
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  • schminckeschmincke 113 replies27 threads Junior Member
    Even if you submitted your app, you can still add one more "other recommender."

    Common app lets you do it, so I'm not sure if calling Dartmouth was necessary.
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  • greenkey17greenkey17 12 replies0 threads New Member
    Don't stress out about the peer recommendation. I didn't know that was a thing until people asked me who I had write mine freshman fall. It kind of makes sense though I mean how much stock can admissions officers put in a recommendation letter that the applicant could have essentially written him/herself? It's fine. Dartmouth has the most transparent application reading process if I could describe it as that compared to the rest of the ivies.
    PS: I also didn't get an interview because there wasn't an alumnus in my region.
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  • germanyrocksgermanyrocks 20 replies3 threads New Member
    did u end up getting into dartmouth
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