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kelssm4kelssm4 4 replies1 threads New Member
I just came home from my interview with an alumn and wanted to tell about my experience for anyone who's curious. I kind of overdressed with a dress shirt, blazer, black pants and suitable heels, but I just threw on my northface on top cause it was freezing and I didn't take if off because there was absolutely no need to overdress. Yeah, you do look nice but my interview was extremely casual and the alumn told me it was a very informal interview off the bat. We met up at a local coffee shop and it was set to be 3:15-3:45 but I did go earlier around 3, and she was already there. I'm thinking it's because there was another interview beforehand so I didn't worry too much about coming after her. I was somewhat worried since other people wrote about how their interviews dealt with the world news and was formal or what not, but my interview was focused around me as well as my alumn's experience at Dartmouth. Don't be afraid to ask whatever's on your mind because the alumn is here to answer all questions you may have. Maybe some other interviews were more formal but mine just wanted to understand me and who I was regardless of what I am on "paper" like my GPA or SAT was not important. It was about my personality, charisma, my values, and my life. I talked about my past and specifically something I dealt with and my alumn asked if there was anything I wanted her to mention in the recommendation she sends to Dartmouth. So, just be open minded to anything because our interview went off topic a lot but in a good way because I was able to understand more in depth about Dartmouth, and was fed information that you can't find on their website or anywhere else. So that's it! Good Luck to anyone who has a interview! Don't worry too much :)
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