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Summer Orientation Question - Need to Book a Flight

SATX53SATX53 52 replies2 threads Junior Member
We're trying to make our flights for summer orientation and would love it if someone can tell us when class registration actually ends on the second day. Officially it says 5:00, but are most students done earlier?
There's a direct flight we'd like to book at 6:45 p.m. Is it even feasible to expect to get from USC to LAX if we left at 4:00?
Thanks for the help!
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Replies to: Summer Orientation Question - Need to Book a Flight

  • casadelewiscasadelewis 55 replies0 threads Junior Member
    You will have to call to see how late you need to stay the 2nd day. If you left USC at 4pm and it is weekday rush hour you might not make it or you can make it with 30 minutes to spare and be a stressed out maniac. You would HAVE to be driving away by 4pm, not walking to your dorm to pick up your bags. If you have to return a rental car, then wait for a shuttle to take you to your terminal, then check bags, check ID's, etc. I think you are cutting it a little close. You are talking about LA traffic and an international airport. Not sure if you have ever been there but it is crazy-crowded. Me personally, I wouldn't chance it. Sorry! I am sure some would challenge my answer but I have lived here my entire life and know you need to "pad" your time to be on the safe side. Hopefully there is a later flight....
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  • casadelewiscasadelewis 55 replies0 threads Junior Member
    And the Special Olympics begins something like July 25th? This will definitely increase traffic around the Coliseum, next door to campus. Not sure when you have plans to come for orientation.
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  • SATX53SATX53 52 replies2 threads Junior Member
    @casadelewis Thank you for the help with planning! We're coming at the end of June, so we won't be there during the Special Olympics. My son just got his housing assigment, so it's starting to feel real.
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  • cookie16cookie16 220 replies50 threads Junior Member
    Your son will have the best experience ever. My son is a rising sophomore, hoping the summer goes quickly so he can go back to USC. He told me that his freshman year was the best year of his life. And at this moment, he's in China on an internship arranged by the school. Amazing.
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