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CCC which one to chose?

The ApproachThe Approach 28 replies7 threads- Junior Member
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Does it matter which CCC you go to. I live right by Canada college (no honors courses), but foothill college (honors program) is a little further, but still managable, but I've heard that they sent a lot of kids on to berkeley and ucla.

Does your CCC matter?
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Replies to: CCC which one to chose?

  • UCLAriUCLAri 14509 replies231 threads Senior Member
    An honors program is always a good hedge. How much further is it?
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  • Student5477Student5477 12 replies10 threads- New Member
    its about 15 minutes away while the other is literally next to my house.

    But the one near my house only grades with solid grades which is good; meanwhile, the further one grades with the +/- system.

    What would look better? 4.0 non honors or 3.7-8 with honors...specifically for Haas?
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  • CardinalFocusedCardinalFocused 1995 replies101 threads Senior Member
    What would look better? 4.0 non honors or 3.7-8 with honors?

    Hm, difficult question. But since both would likely get into UCLA / UCB, I'd say the 4.0 non honors (as he would also get the regents invite).
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  • OceanPoet87OceanPoet87 101 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Go with Canada.
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  • mylifeisover23mylifeisover23 609 replies18 threads Member
    foothill has TAP so foothill, tap it like a salt shaker
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  • tastybeeftastybeef 914 replies25 threads Member
    "Hm, difficult question. But since both would likely get into UCLA / UCB, I'd say the 4.0 non honors (as he would also get the regents invite)."

    Just for clarification: CCC to UC transfer applicants are eligible to receive the Regent's Scholarship while UC to UC transfer applicants are not?
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  • poppin3000poppin3000 762 replies36 threads Member
    if you're close to foothill, then you're not too far from de anza! i'd say go to foothill/ de anza. as mentioned foothill has the tap program. they're also on the quarter system which is nice for getting more courses in per year.
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  • oxypunk151oxypunk151 364 replies8 threads Member
    I drive 20-50 minutes to go to De Anza/Foothill opposed to West Valley. I think it is worth it.
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  • colegePLEASEcolegePLEASE 403 replies30 threads Member
    Foothill and Ca
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  • diamondprynzezdiamondprynzez 305 replies1 threads Member
    I drove for 50 minutes each way to go to de anza... and it was definitely worth it (ohlone was right near my house). Everyone who attended would tell you it's worth it. Especially if its only a 15 minute drive! And the +/- grading system doesn't really matter... according to a counselor, colleges recognize that grades are highly inflated at schools that don't weigh +/-

    Go to Foothill.
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  • a89a89 34 replies6 threads- Junior Member
    Hmmm, I'm at a CCC to, and the pre-req for Applied Calculus I is only "intermediate algebera," (that's all I've taken and Im also going to take Applid Calc),so I'm assuming thats all you need to know.
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  • oxypunk151oxypunk151 364 replies8 threads Member
    Just 85. Last quarter I had a class at 8 at foothill. Due to rush hour I had to leave at 7 to be there time. It seemed like most people I knew commuted as much or more than I did at DeAnza/Foothill.
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  • startraksfineststartraksfinest 527 replies34 threads Member
    What's so great about De Anza? (Just for curiousity purposes)
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  • colegePLEASEcolegePLEASE 403 replies30 threads Member
    oxypunk: Ya, I guess that's just living in california. I don't know, I just hate commuting. If it were up to me I wouldn't even have a car.

    diamondprynzez: I wouldn't go to Ohlone either. Still, I don't think there is much difference between DeAnza and Foothill.
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  • pppeachykeenpppeachykeen 130 replies13 threads Junior Member
    hey now, I went to ohlone and it's not bad. I'd say it's pretty good for a science major; the chem and especially physics were HARD, but I really enjoyed the classes and I was pushed to work hard. I had a good experience there.
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  • poppin3000poppin3000 762 replies36 threads Member
    "What's so great about De Anza? (Just for curiousity purposes)"

    - Excellent campus + facilities (library, computer lab, etc) as a result of millions of dollars generated through cupertino city measures (Cupertino residents are really generous to De Anza)
    - Prestigious location (Cupertino)
    - lots of student services, all of which go out of their way to make themselves known to the students
    - Great student government (I say that without personally being on student senate or anything like that)
    - great mix of people
    - happy professors lol. every one of my professors so far has been really accommodating / understanding / proud to teach at de anza
    - i don't know about all the counselors, but the one i speak to thoroughly helps me and even checks up on me once in a while
    - great transfer center w/ UC reps visiting time to time (and private college reps now and then)
    - highest transfer rate to 4 year universities in the state of California (overall)

    - no metal shop (i wanted to learn how to weld!)
    - absolutely RIDICULOUS trying to get in and out of the parking lot during peak hours
    - don't get caught without a parking sticker. i bought 2 stickers that year, both of which were lost due to my car situations causing me to get fined for 3 tickets ($100 total for tickets and about $120 for the stickers). I tried explaining this on the ticket "dispute" website, but since DA doesn't give any documentation along w/ the parking stickers i ate the fees.
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  • wemadeitwemadeit 1 replies3 threads New Member
    hi, any thoughts on attending De Anza over CCSF or Berkeley City College for PRIVATE school transfer?

    http://www.cpec.ca.gov/ shows CCSF yields a lot of cal transfers but they don't have any private school data. I've read a few de anza/bcc to Columbia, Stanford, and Yale stories.. is their faculty more supportive in terms of writing letters, etc or is it all the same? i also noticed ccsf doesn't have a PTK chapter but an Alpha Gamma Sigma chapter instead. is PTK preferable for out of state transfers?
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  • InsamniacInsamniac 99 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Hey, I chose Foothill instead of Canada/CSM and went for two years. I don't have a car, so it took about an hour each way by bus.

    I didn't actually choose it because of TAP (which I didn't know about at the time). I was looking at the course listing for econ (my major) and they had Econ 1 and Econ 2...both of which I had already taken. It seemed absurd that I wouldn't take /any/ major classes, so I looked into Foothill, which had several. Foothill is also better known for people transferring into competitive colleges. Unfortunately, Canada/CSM seem to be more focused on art/design kinds of courses.

    Also, TAP was fantastic, I'll be at UCLA in just a few short weeks now.

    Good luck, whatever you choose!
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  • tastybeeftastybeef 914 replies25 threads Member
    I can attest to a few points made by poppin3000 about De Anza. I took a few summer classes there this past summer.

    The professor are very approachable and are willing to get to know the students on a more personal level. Also, the counselors were very accommodating. Another possible upside is that the courses are very manageable.

    As for the students, you will find your average mix of college students. I met a few very competitive premeds who were quite the suck-up and a few chill students. I don't think anyone can complain about the diverse student body other than the cliques that you often see around campus. Then again, this is normal at all colleges.

    Of course, parking. In general, parking is terrible. However, since the opening of the new parking structure, it has improved. Oh yes, the parking permits are ridiculous. They are very strict about the parking permits, so that's something to watch out for.
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  • sixshot1sixshot1 115 replies7 threads Junior Member
    dood you wont get into ucla/berk without a 3.9 unless your tap, id go to foothill
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