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nyu vs stony brook?

kgrip17kgrip17 1 replies6 threads New Member
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Which would be a better choice for me?
Got into SBU scholars program and nyu cas.
planning on doing pre-med and maybe majoring in bio.
SBU would cost 10-15k while nyu would cost 30-40k.
Which would be better academically(sciences especially),socially(heard stony brook was kind of boring compared to nyu), etc...
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Replies to: nyu vs stony brook?

  • bimmerb0ybimmerb0y 54 replies3 threads Junior Member
    SBU is very much a commuter school, and in general it's not really known for much of a social scene. But that all depends on what you make of it, of course. Academically it's an excellent value (i.e. good school considering its relatively inexpensive) to go to SBU, but NYU certainly has the name. For Biological Sciences, NYU ranks a bit higher than SBU, but not overly so...whether its worth the money is something you will definitely have to decide.

    [url=http://****/showthread.php?t=379510]NYU Undergrads: How's your pre-med program? | Pre-Medical Allopathic [ MD ] | Student Doctor Network[/url] may be of some help.

    For what it's worth I was torn between the two same schools myself. I'm a CS Major, and may minor or dual major in Mathematics alongside it. What I've found is that NYU has truly an exceptional Mathematics department (Courant Institute) and an expanding CS department...so I've already put my deposit down to NYU personally. From a financial standpoint, I am able to afford NYU - but if I was not in the situation (and would be in debt as a result), I'd most definitely have picked SBU instead.
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