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The Rejection Thread


Replies to: The Rejection Thread

  • hardworkerhardworker 1045 replies277 threads Senior Member
    Rejected: Tufts, Vanderbilt
    Accepted: Emory, UMich, UIUC Honors Business w/ scholarship, Case with 20,000 per year
    Waiting: NYU, Penn, Brown, Columbia
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  • glam407glam407 146 replies29 threads Junior Member
    Rejected: Chicago, Gwu, Barnard, UVA, W&M, Georgetown, CMU.

    Wow my life.
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  • mediopollitomediopollito 452 replies26 threads Member
    Rejected: Juilliard (does this even count? they don't even look at SAT scores lol)

    Accepted: UNC-Chapel Hill, Northwestern, Oberlin College/Conservatory.

    Waiting on: Columbia. (ohhhh boy) =/

    Good luck everyone!
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  • crazypianist1116crazypianist1116 290 replies9 threads Junior Member
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  • TotheSkyTotheSky 285 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Rejected: USC, Tufts

    Waitlisted: BU, Tulane

    Accepted: UCSB (OOS), American, Northeastern, Pitt

    Waiting: Cornell, NYU, Chapman (although, I think I got rejected/waitlisted from chapman, at least according to their vague online status update)

    Brb tomorrow to add more to reject pile from waiting pile.
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  • awkwardsquirrelawkwardsquirrel 17 replies3 threads New Member
    Rejected: Bates and Smith (and I did early decision at Smith! Epic Fail!!)

    Accepted: Wheaton (MA), Fordham (Lincoln Center), Sarah Lawrence College

    Still Waiting: Bennington and Bard
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  • ahappyaccidentahappyaccident 60 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Rejected: Rice, U of Chicago
    Waitlisted: Scripps and Swarthmore!!! (my reachiest reach and one true love)

    since I can't actually afford any of them I'm not especially crushed. Yey! for schools that want me and merit-based full rides.
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  • finsong8finsong8 45 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Waitlisted: Johns Hopkins and Kenyon
    Rejected: None :D
    JHU was a reach for me and I wasn't too interested in Kenyon. I'm really happy with the schools I got into.
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  • sprevitesprevite 315 replies10 threads Member
    Rejected: Georgetown, Johns Hopkins
    Waitlisted: Boston College, Carnegie Mellon, Emory

    haah all done from hearing. woooo
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  • BurrrnsBurrrns 130 replies8 threads Junior Member
    MHC @ Hunter ): Yeah, my first choice. It stung.... still does. ):

    Johns Hopkins

    Echoing Tothesky, I'll brb tomorrow.

    Whatever. I guess this was a learning experience. With the exception of Macaulay Honors, there's no way I would have been able to afford the private schools I got rejected/waitlisted to.

    If anything, this'll motivate me to be a total machine and bust my a.s.s in college. I'll do my very, very best so I can avoid experiencing that awful sting of rejection in the future. I admit that getting into an ultra-selective high school must have inflated my ego a bit and somehow given me the illusion that I can have my cake and eat it too. That I could take it easy and still get what I want, college-wise.

    This has brought me back down to Earth. Fail. ):
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  • Holytruth88Holytruth88 29 replies8 threads Junior Member
    Yale EA

    Rice, NW, and Duke were my top choices
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  • Action52Action52 220 replies22 threads Junior Member
    And I got waitlisted at Wash U, but that's basically a rejection
    University of Washington or WUSTL?
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  • mediopollitomediopollito 452 replies26 threads Member
    Wash U is the same as WUSTL.
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  • gracecadygracecady 6 replies1 threads New Member

    Carnegie Mellon

    If anybody else got rejected from Stanford, don't feel bad. They rejected the Salutatorian of my class and pretty much the rest of the top ten. They were tough this year.
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  • gracecadygracecady 6 replies1 threads New Member
    Oh I'm waiting for Columbia too! Their server is going to crash at 5:00 tomorrow.
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  • Cody2010Cody2010 - 1176 replies34 threads Senior Member
    Rejections: UCLA, UC-Davis, UCSB, Stanford, UMichigan, UW-Madison, UIUC, UF, U Washington

    Waitlist: UMN-Twin Cities, JMU, UVA
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  • pkmntrainerharrypkmntrainerharry 183 replies9 threads Junior Member
    Rejections: Duke, JHU
    Waitlisted: UVa
    Accepted: UW-Madison
    Waiting: UMich, Harvard, Cornell, Dartmouth

    I think I'm ready to go to Wisconsin already... FCKKKK
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  • BeautifulnightsBeautifulnights 632 replies16 threads Member
    rejected: Georgetown :(

    waitlisted: U. of Chicago

    more to come later. ahaha.
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  • BurrrnsBurrrns 130 replies8 threads Junior Member
    Seeing all the people celebrating on facebook really makes it sting more.
    When I'm congratulating all my friends for getting into their reaches, I'm really like "MEH WHY CAN'T I BE YOUU".

    LOL. jk. :(
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  • mediopollitomediopollito 452 replies26 threads Member
    aw burrrns, don't feel too bad. i'm sure you'll end up in a great place too :)

    gosh i'm really nervous about 5pm today....
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