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Need help for the best review/general books for these subjects, ESPECIALLY Physics C

Wonderer1Wonderer1 62 replies25 threads Junior Member
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Would somebody please specify the best review and overall awesome books for these 4 classes. AP US History (People are saying Amsco but my teacher says PR. I'm confused :'()
AP Environmental Science (Preferably a self study review book. As in no need for class to 4 or 5 this exam although I am taking a class but not really learning anything)
AP English (A REVIEW book is fine)
AP Physics (NOW THIS ONE, I AM EXTREMELY NERVOUS ABOUT. I have only taken 1 physics class before but I didn't learn anything and I MEAN NOTHING!. Maybe some variables, what they mean, and got familiar with the AP exam sheet equations which I had no idea meant. I was pretty much forced into the class and I am so nervous about the AP Exam. I need a self study book, be it review or even a "small" textbook. My teacher gave me the physics for scientists and engineers book but is that enough to teach me alone. So would someone please help me get through this course and just provide me with a 3 on the exam. I would be extremely greatful. I hear its the hardest ap exam out there)

Would someone please help me out ASAP. I am in extreme anxiety and its bothering me so. Thanks
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Replies to: Need help for the best review/general books for these subjects, ESPECIALLY Physics C

  • displaynamedisplayname 31 replies15 threads Junior Member
    The difficulty of the AP Physics exam depends on which one you take. AP Physics B is the non calculus one and is easier than AP Physics C. Plus, AP Physics C is also split into two exams, 1. Mechanics, 2. Electricity & Magnetism.

    For both Physics B & C, I suggest PR because it is an easier read than Barron's and it is also detailed enough.

    For environmental science, I just go to the library and out a review book a few weeks before the exam. I don't think it really matters which one you get.

    English is one of the classes that measure skill rather than memorization. I doubt a review book will help. Which AP English are you taking, lit or language? You're best bet is to just practice writing essays to past prompts.

    These are just my thoughts...

    Apexamnotes - Advanced Placement Videos, Notes, and Lectures
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  • Wonderer1Wonderer1 62 replies25 threads Junior Member
    I believe I am taking AP Physics C, E and M. I am enrolled in Calculus as well but the teacher is very good so i'm not worried. I think I might be taking both C exams, i'm not sure though.

    I am taking English Language. Thanks for the advice but i'm still in major anxiety over Physics. Any suggestions for technically a self study?
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  • Wonderer1Wonderer1 62 replies25 threads Junior Member
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  • Wonderer1Wonderer1 62 replies25 threads Junior Member
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  • Wonderer1Wonderer1 62 replies25 threads Junior Member
    bump. Old thread but same dilemma! How can I self study Physics C :'(
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  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 80204 replies720 threads Senior Member
    Take a transferable Physics for Scientists and Engineers course at a community college.

    Note that even Physics C (especially E&M) is not universally accepted for subject credit if you are a physics or engineering major in university.
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  • conquerer7conquerer7 221 replies9 threads Junior Member
    5 Steps to a 5 is a nice, concise book that focuses on the test a lot. I'd say it's pretty accurate in terms of difficulty, and if you knew everything in it, you'd be pretty much set for Physics C, though you probably won't 'understand' the concepts on a deep level: they cover everything pretty superficially, and assume you already know a lot.

    If you want to study from scratch, try a standard college Physics textbook. Physics for Scientists and Engineers (Serway) is a good one. It'll be a lot more time consuming, of course. If you want some truly tricky stuff, supplement it with Barron's (tests are far harder than the real thing, but it really goes in depth!).
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