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All I want is to go to The University of Chicago. Im a nervous reck


Replies to: All I want is to go to The University of Chicago. Im a nervous reck

  • PancakedPancaked 3286 replies69 threads Senior Member
    ^^ Definitely go there and look at the topics (stickied to the top and elsehwere) where people post their results. Few who get rejected actually post, but you can see the stats it takes to get accepted or deferred.

    Say what you want about how UChicago evaluates test scores, but a low test score hurts your application, no matter how you look at it. It's no coincidence that UChicago has high test score averages.

    You realllly need to take more AP courses. Two AP courses over 4 years in high school is really weak. I hope you understand that the average student applying has probably taken between 4 and 9. Many have taken upwards of 12.

    Anyways, keep trying hard, and stay positive. UChicago will be a high reach. Make sure you find some great schools that are more on your level in case it doesn't work out.
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  • theRADtomato47theRADtomato47 1199 replies90 threads Senior Member
    Two AP courses over 4 years in high school is really weak.
    ^wow, i skipped over this. Test scores won't be your downfall, this will. (unless your HS only offers like 5 or less ap courses) Good idea by T26E4, search the UChicago forum for the decisions thread and you'll find out how competitive it really is.
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  • LoremIpsumLoremIpsum 3481 replies20 threads Senior Member
    Folks, this is a certified and experienced CC **** -- only 9 posts, all of them in this thread. Poor spelling that looks intentional (can't spell Einstein correctly?), and horrible stats combined with an attitude that compels the reader to want to respond.
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  • jengajenga117jengajenga117 577 replies16 threads Member
    It really matters on not only you seeing yourself at the college, but also the college seeing you as a fit. With that said, be yourself in the essays and for extracurriculars, do something you really enjoy. Good luck! I hope you get in
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  • azndarkvaderazndarkvader 444 replies39 threads- Member
    well i got deferred with a 2200. 3.98 GPA 8 APs (5), Siemens and Intel STS semifinalit, 5 published papers, some good ecs . maybe you'll have better luck? would aim for a 33 though tbh

    OH OWN YOUR ESSAYS THEY CARE SO MCUH ABOUT ESSAYS (proabbly why i got deferred :P)
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  • FatumFatum 813 replies63 threads Member
    AlexandraD wrote:
    Being an art student is definitely not a crutch though, it helps me see things in abstract ways, most 35 ACT scorers wouldnt understand.

    What is this supposed to mean?

    And don't say that your potentially low ACT score will not matter simply because it isn't as important. Perhaps people have gotten in with a 27, but doesn't mean you will. I would think that even with a 35 you still have a slim chance, let alone a 27.
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  • theleakerstheleakers 1186 replies4 threads Senior Member
    when you get deferred, does it mean they are not making a decision now and depending on how many applicants turn in their SIR, then they know how many more slots are still open, then they notify you if there are open slots ???
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  • azndarkvaderazndarkvader 444 replies39 threads- Member
    no deferred basically means you're in the regular applicant pool (its like try 2)
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  • impersonationsimpersonations 159 replies17 threads Junior Member
    lol good luck making it with a 31.
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  • azndarkvaderazndarkvader 444 replies39 threads- Member
    got into chicago :)
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