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Rice Vs Cornell VS JHU

slayerlaxslayerlax Registered User Posts: 2 New Member
edited April 2011 in Rice University
i need help deciding and here is my dilemma
cornell- parents family etc want me to go there.. at my visit i felt depreseed it is 28k a year
JHU- nice, people are very cutthroat good visit 35k
Rice- havent visited and 35k and thinking about taking a shot out of the dark for rice idk i need help opinions?!
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Replies to: Rice Vs Cornell VS JHU

  • AntariusAntarius Registered User Posts: 4,614 Senior Member
    if you felt depressed at Cornell, then rule it out straight away. No point going to a place that makes you unhappy.

    Rice is very laid back and collaborative instead of cutthroat. It makes hard classes go by well as you can work in group with the goal of everyone finishing the homework successfully.

    Finally, what do you plan of studying?
  • OttolineOttoline Registered User Posts: 947 Member
    Listening to your gut is so important. And it's not easy to make a big decision when your parents, relatives are rooting for a place that doesn't feel comfortable. Please remember that you're the one who's going to be living there, waking up there every morning --

    My son had an easier time -- when our family flew out to see Rice during Owl Days, we all felt the friendliness and vitality of the campus, and had wonderful chats with students and a few profs that helped us decide that this was the ideal school!
    But ... ultimately it was my son who had to turn down some nice offers and decide that this was where he wanted to spend the next four years. And, yes -- with just one year to go, he's extremely glad that he chose Rice.

    Slayerlax, I suggest that if a visit's not possible, you learn more about Rice through local alum, CC, college guides, college advisers. There are also virtual tours and you might like this student-made video about a freshman at Rice trying to meet a deadline
    YouTube - Deadline
  • slayerlaxslayerlax Registered User Posts: 2 New Member
    i plan on studying either math or physics and meet my premed requirements
  • stillwatermomstillwatermom Registered User Posts: 101 Junior Member
    If you want to play club lacrosse, Rice practices all year and has their games in the spring. They are a great group of guys! The weather might be an
    important factor and the ability to enjoy the outdoors much of the year is worth consideration.
  • pontiacpontiac Registered User Posts: 95 Junior Member
    math and physics really cant be beat at JHU. really consider that because they are top notch at JHU
  • TilgahamTilgaham Registered User Posts: 688 Member
    As a Marylander, I can say that Hopkins is in a horrible neighborhood, while Rice is sandwiched by the TMC and one of the wealthier neighborhoods in Houston (West U). People collaborate here and it's pretty low stress. Hopkins is a pressure cooker (ESPECIALLY for premeds). Finally, the weather is not even close.

    I can't speak as accurately to Cornell.
  • Owl2014Owl2014 Registered User Posts: 141 Junior Member
    Yes, agreed. My premed friend at JHU is NOT enjoying her college experience AT ALL.
  • NJDevils27NJDevils27 Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
    Where you go between these schools is likely going to be dependent on where you come from I think. Academically, all three are sound.

    Personally, having gone to Cornell and now living Houston, I can say without a doubt go to Cornell. But I come from New Jersey, I like cold weather and snowboarding, and Cornell allows you to party like a rockstar (go greek) or just get away from it all with expansive plots of land for hiking, biking, or just good old campfire.

    As for Houston, I don't have much to say thats good about this town. Its unbearably hot for most of the year, think 90 degrees with 80% humidity. Wearing a suit in this weather is pure torture.

    And as an East Indian American, I can say pretty confidently, Houston (or Texas for that matter) is NOT multicultural. I think people of different races just exist side by side. Theres no melting pot, people experience culture through their car windows here. Only good thing about Houston are the jobs. Energy is doing well, and this is where its at. I'd leave this hole if I could get a trading job elsewhere.

    As for JHU, nothing bad to say about the place. I visited, it wasn't for me. I wasn't ready for city life straight out of high school.

    As for lax, how could you go wrong with Cornell? (aside from their phenomenal choke jobs every year)
  • jgorman450jgorman450 Registered User Posts: 80 Junior Member
    JHU- people are cutthroat, Baltimore is a crap city (i know it well, i'm from there)

    Cornell- weather is godawful, its an ivy so naturally pretty cutthroat, no "city" whatsoever... but its cheaper for you

    Rice- best combination of weather/more laid back atmosphere

    basically, how much does that extra 7k matter? i'd take rice over JHU 99 times out of 100, but Cornell's a great school too.
  • Owl2014Owl2014 Registered User Posts: 141 Junior Member
    Oh, and did you also know that Cornell is in the IVY LEAGUE!?!? OMG. The students there are just so smart. SO smart.

    But seriously, choose Rice.
  • NJDevils27NJDevils27 Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
    wait can someone explain how the weather in Houston is better? Do you know that they built an entire underground complex downtown so that people dont have to walk outside? People dont even venture outside between May and October save for going to the pool. If weather is that important a factor, go to UCLA.

    I dont know where the cutthroat business comes from either. ANY school you go to, especially if its stocked with overachievers, is going to be competitive. The friends you make there are going to be the difference in that department.
  • slik nikslik nik Registered User Posts: 1,083 Senior Member
    The weather in Houston is not that bad, considering you are only going to be there from August-May. It's only bad in August, part of September, and part of May. Other than that, the weather is pretty mild throughout the year. I'd rather be down in Houston enjoying 60 degree sunny weather in January than freezing my butt off 20 degree weather up in Cornell and passing by frozen gorges on my way to class.

    Houston is not multicultural? That's absurd! I feel like Houston is one of the most multicultural cities in the country. I've met people from all different backgrounds and walks of life during my time at Rice and in Houston, and to be honest, I feel Houston is a friendlier city than many others in this country. Everyone is laid back and friendly, although people may get angry during traffic (but you won't have to worry about that).

    It's ultimately your choice... go with your gut feeling. You only go to college once in your life... go to where you'll be happy!
  • jchartierjchartier Registered User Posts: 141 Junior Member
    I am a student at Rice but I heavily considered Hopkins and visited several times including an overnight. From what I can tell the students are no different from each other and that includes competitiveness. There will be competitiveness premeds wherever you go including Rice. Just my two cents.
  • NJDevils27NJDevils27 Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
    Ill agree that the weather isnt too bad during the winter months. I guess you can trade the brutal heat of sep, oct, may in Houston vs. the cold during Dec, Jan, Feb in Ithaca. Its a personal decision, I grew up having seasons and I like to ski/snowboard and play hockey.

    As for the gorges, I dont think its a bad thing. Cornell is situated far above a glacial lake, and there are many scenic ponds, paths, and vistas. Houston, on the other hand is flat and non-descript in nearly every direction (its why the Porsche driving club LEAVES Houston for scenic routes!).

    On the multicultural bit, I'll have to say that college is so non-representative of real life, and I don't doubt that Rice as a school is a melting pot. Its inevitable if half the school comes from elsewhere. Houston itself is so not multicultural. The populace here borders on xenophobic. At work people play nice, but I've been hit with racial slurs out here. That has NEVER EVER happened in the time i spent working in New York, and I can't remember it happening at Cornell.

    But.. I come from the northeast and I had a good time at Cornell, and I absolutely hate it here in Texas (though no state income tax is nice). Its all about what you are comfortable with I guess.
  • AntariusAntarius Registered User Posts: 4,614 Senior Member
    Houston itself is so not multicultural. The populace here borders on xenophobic. At work people play nice, but I've been hit with racial slurs out here

    Coming from the Northeast to Houston for college I can say one thing, people down south are nicer.I have not seen any evidence of this purported racism and have had no problems traversing the city of Houston.

    Point is, this is not a Rice vs. Cornell thing. the OP says that he didn't enjoy Cornell when he visited. That is all that matters.
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