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practicality of business minors

railbowerailbowe Registered User Posts: 25 New Member
edited July 2011 in Business Major
I'm a social science major (sociology) who is hoping to add some marketability to my degree. I figure a good way to do this is by getting a minor from my universities business school. The two business minors that have caught my eye are "business" and "International trade and development."

The "business" minor requires basic coursework in finance, marketing, statistics, accounting, and microeconomics.

The "international trade and development" minor moderate coursework in microecon, as well as basic coursework in macro and marketing along with a few courses about economies of developing countries.

The international trade and development minor sounds more interesting to me, but is it as practical? Would it help me when applying to companies? I'd like to work internationally at some point but I don't know if thats ever going to happen. For right now I just want to be able to get a Job in the US.

What would you guys recommend?
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Replies to: practicality of business minors

  • kgoscohockey027kgoscohockey027 Registered User Posts: 113 Junior Member
    You are majoring in sociology... regardless of your minor, you will not find a decent job outside the realm of sociology. Minors are good if you have an interest that you want to take classes in. It will not help you get a job. If it isn't too late, try to major in finance/accounting and minor in sociology.
  • Inmotion12Inmotion12 Registered User Posts: 1,042 Senior Member
    I think a business minor is generally worthless. Trying to think of a situation where it would be truly useful, but I'm drawing a blank.
  • youknowme123youknowme123 Registered User Posts: 144 Junior Member
    I say the way its actually has much use if you plan on owning a business one day but don't want to work in the business world
  • railbowerailbowe Registered User Posts: 25 New Member
    Well this is sobering. What about all the liberal arts majors that go on to work for large corporations?
  • workingATbig4workingATbig4 Registered User Posts: 317 Member
    Before I provide you with some advice let me ask: What do you want to do in business?
  • trizz75trizz75 Registered User Posts: 628 Member
    Why would he or she go for an accounting/finance major if he or she wants to major in sociology? The worst thing you could do is completely revamp your course of study just to get a job. Granted, sociology isn't the most marketable major, but non-profits (hospitals, social agencies), government, etc. tend to attract sociology students.

    I would concur with what people have said earlier regarding the minor. The "international trade" minor would have even less practical worth. International management majors already have a bad time finding jobs.
  • workingATbig4workingATbig4 Registered User Posts: 317 Member
    One thing to consider before giving advice...A sociology major (as with all lib arts majors) offers a large amount of electives generally and therefore it is not hard to minor (or even double major) in something else.

    I do not understand this whole "minors are useless" idea? I am new to this community, but where do you all get your experience from and why so much negativity?

    Minors can be very useful. Why? Because it makes your resume stand out and when the interview comes up it provides an interesting talking point and credential.

    If the OP has interest in something on an international scale what would be so useless in minoring in something so long as it didn't interfere with the major or time spent getting involved on campus?
  • MedwellMedwell Registered User Posts: 440 Member
    railbowe wrote:
    Well this is sobering. What about all the liberal arts majors that go on to work for large corporations?
    Do you actually know anybody that did this, or was it something published in your department's curriculum literature?
    Inmotion12 wrote:
    I think a business minor is generally worthless. Trying to think of a situation where it would be truly useful, but I'm drawing a blank.
    Not necessarily. For example, an engineering student might benefit from a business minor (or just a couple business courses) depending on what type of job they're looking for.
  • morrismmmorrismm Registered User Posts: 3,499 Senior Member
    I agree with workingatbig4 and medwell--minors are not worthless. It shows that a student took many elective classes in a particular subject matter and has a fairly good grasp of the material. Some minors only have a few less classes than the major.

    My school has a very good business minor. You must take all of the basic courses and a capstone.

    I would be impressed with anyone who had a math or computer science minor. They still had do take some very hard courses.

    I suppose it depends on the minor.
  • jaysorenson19jaysorenson19 Registered User Posts: 195 Junior Member
    OP, if you can tell us what you think you want to do after graduation, we can offer more constructive advice instead of random speculating about your situation.
  • trizz75trizz75 Registered User Posts: 628 Member
    I don't think you, Big4, understand the difference between practicality and usefulness. Yes, most any minor is useful on a resume because it shows wide-reaching academic interest and is the very least a talking point in an interview. Practically speaking, though, a minor in international marketing/business development won't get you very far. Like I said, an international (insert business discipline) major has a hard time finding a job, not to mention a minor. Why? Because an academic understanding of the international linkings of business, alone, isn't practical in a career sense. Such can only be worse for a international (insert business discipline) minor.

    Bottom line; use a minor to fulfill an academic interest because pretty much any minor is useful but not practical. The only exception I could possibly see is with a business minor.
  • workingATbig4workingATbig4 Registered User Posts: 317 Member
    Trizz I will start off by asking you the same question I asked this forum expert Tosh...what experience do you have in a professional environment to make this judgement?

    I have never come to a forum and seen such vast generalizations about career paths. Do you know many people who minored in something similiar which failed them? Or do you have your amazing information from other brilliant forum visitors?
  • trizz75trizz75 Registered User Posts: 628 Member
    When did College Confidential require resident experts on its forums? In no way am I trying to state that I am an expert, but I do have a mixture of intern/work experience, business field relationships, and a top 25 business school pedigree which allows me to offer advice.

    Let me reflect your question back to yourself. You work at the Big 4, sweet. But, does that makes you an expert on college minors? Highly doubt it. And the reality is, "Who cares?" We aren't supposed to substitute college advisors and are not paid specialists. Instead, we are here to offer some advice to people who need it. I think YOU need to get acquainted with these boards before you start critiquing them.

    And besides, you never even refuted my prior statement. If you have something better to bring to the table, then by all means argue my points. Persuade us with your knowledge, not with your self-righteous bickering; clearly you never got a philosophy minor.
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