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Update on the waitlist


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  • MNBADGER2011MNBADGER2011 93 replies7 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 100 Junior Member
    Ya my parents are fine with paying that for the number one public school in the world! Haha. Madtown can't come close to that! :) Wisconsin or California? Hmmm? Tough choice :)
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  • Mike1213Mike1213 78 replies23 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 101 Junior Member
    I live in california and have a few friends and cousins who attended or are at berkeley.
    Have you ever visited the school? The surrounding city is horribly ugly and because of their extremely liberal culture over there, they allow hobos all around the campus and often times in it. Thats the other thing, most state universities are pretty liberal, but berkeley imo is just too much with the hateful anti-military campaigns and such(but if ur into that its fine i guess). I hope you like asians, because berkeley is nearly 50% and my friend there currently said they are very cliquey and unfriendly. He also said good looking guys there outnumber girls so even the ugly ones get a bit cocky. The football stadium is pretty crappy, seen some better stadiums at high schools(not to mention cal sports are kind of weak). Dont get me wrong Berkeley is one of the top universities in the world and most definitely the best state uni in the country (especially engineering and hard sciences). But you have lost the game if that is the only real reason you chose that school. Then again most state universities are what you make them. I know some people who love berkeley others who cant wait to get out. Good luck getting top 10% at berkeley if ur an engineering/pre med/or hard science major your going to need it.

    also i reccomend you try to join a fraternity as your housing will be alot cheaper/less worrysome especially in the upper classmen years when you're trying to find off campus housing $1500 a month only gets you a crappy apartment best of luck
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  • wis75wis75 13853 replies62 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 13,915 Senior Member
    Mike123- you said a lot I wasn't going to bother with, no need to be negative. However... Berkeley has similarities in campus culture to UW and Madison- both very liberal. The Asian/European American ratio is quite different, however- could be culture shock for a Minnesotan. UW is many hills, UC-B is one huge, steep incline. Cost of living much higher. With all of the budget cuts I'm also hearing it is harder to get into classes there.

    MNBadger- repeat, no need for the sour grapes post. Both schools have pros and cons. It would be a tough choice for many.
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  • novaparentnovaparent 713 replies29 discussions- Posts: 742 Member
    So here we have wis75 on this post telling a Minnesotan it might be "culture shock" to go to Berkeley with all those Asians, then get on another thread and tell an Asian that they should go to UW and embrace diversity. Telling.
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