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Has anyone been rejected or deferred yet?

names1names1 46 replies9 threads Junior Member
My D has not gotten a letter yet so I'm wondering if maybe only acceptances go out first. Please if anyone has gotten other responses let me know. Thanks!
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Replies to: Has anyone been rejected or deferred yet?

  • xxtlgxxxxtlgxx 65 replies13 threads Junior Member
    I haven't heard of anyone getting rejected or deferred. But that could just be because they don't want to tell people. ???
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  • lagr42lagr42 39 replies6 threads Junior Member
    My D just got deferred today:(
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  • adcollegefreakadcollegefreak 13 replies3 threads New Member
    I got deferred too :(
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  • names1names1 46 replies9 threads Junior Member
    sorry to hear that guys. i still havent heard. I'm assuming you got it in the mail?
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  • mumof2boyzmumof2boyz 678 replies33 threads Member
    Deferred, but UMass was my son's safety and he has gotten into every other school with merit, so it was kind of weird, but he does not care. All but one a higher ranked than UMass.

    Skinny letter arrived today.
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  • stageforsurvivorstageforsurvivor 161 replies20 threads Junior Member
    Was rejected last year with 31 ACT, 1440 SAT(M&CR), 87% GPA, good EC's & LOR's OOS. I was shocked.
    Accepted to Binghamton
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  • ohsochristineohsochristine 34 replies9 threads Junior Member
    i got deferred too :( is there anything that i should send in to enhance my chances?
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  • gfox33gfox33 15 replies1 threads New Member
    I was deferred today.
    3.0 out of 4. Junior and senior year grades have been 3.3+
    1620 sat
    45 hours of Community service
    Captain of Varsity tennis for 3 years
    Graphics design editor of school newspaper for 2 years
    Killer essay about a life changing event in my life
    Had a job during the summer.

    I think I forgot to mention my Community service and they will get my senior year grades.
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  • kblitzkblitz 218 replies25 threads Junior Member
    Me and my best friend were both deferred today :(
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  • ohsochristineohsochristine 34 replies9 threads Junior Member
    @kblitz what were your stats?
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  • cjsantacjsanta 14 replies3 threads New Member
    i was deferred yesterday and i have a 3.3 GPA and 1070 SAT.. i was very surprised because students in my school got accepted which much lower grades, UMASS was my least favorite school of my 7 anyway
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  • names1names1 46 replies9 threads Junior Member
    Well I started this thread so I felt that you all deserved to know that my D was deferred. cjsanta her stats were almost exactly the same as yours.
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  • Marshalls44Marshalls44 37 replies1 threads Junior Member
    So sorry to hear about your daughters deferment. I am also nervous now- my daughters stats are very close to your daughters. We applied reg decision-I don't know if that's better or not. The waiting is starting to get to us!
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  • Wanderer23xWanderer23x 1 replies2 threads New Member
    Yea i got defered with a gpa of 3.64 and sat of 1500 for early action, i thought i was kindof safe judging by cappex, i guess for now i am wrong haha. but i pray that i get in. its a one of my top choices for college. anyone think i might get in?
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  • wtroyunhwtroyunh 6 replies0 threads New Member
    I am an UMASS alum, as is my wife, and have been active with the Economics Department for 18 years. My son did get EA acceptance with 4.0 weighted GPA and 1990 SAT's, plus service learning and varsity sports, if that is useful to anyone reading this, as a parameter.

    My sense is that students from MASS who may end up in Ivies or MIT type schools also apply to UMASS, so don't give up that deferral means rejection.

    One further thought, for UMASS, or any large school. The secret is making big schools small - by finding clubs, activities, frats/sororities, or something else where folks know you. UMASS has 1000 of those opportunities. Literally.
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