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Question about research internship

luke8ballluke8ball 148 replies11 threads Junior Member
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So I just started working in the math fluids lab at my university. I really like what I'll be doing, but is it normal for me to have no remote idea of the advanced concepts my mentors/grad students are working on? I'm a rising senior, but most of their work is completely beyond me. Interns don't have to do a lot of the 'mental work', do they?
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Replies to: Question about research internship

  • spectasticspectastic 802 replies45 threads- Member
    not really. you're there basically as a glorified research assistant. the only difference between part time research assistant and an REU is the hours you put in, and the disparity in credibility. REUs tend to hold more weight against plain research assistant positions.

    Just out of curiosity, are you guys trying to characterize and model turbulent flow? What are the details of your research thrust?
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  • TomServoTomServo 1992 replies55 threads Senior Member
    Nope, at my school it's not uncommon for a brand-new freshman to assist in research in one of the high-energy physics labs, or for physics students to get involved in research before they've even taken intermediate E&M or intermediate quantum. The idea is to expose you to the environment, you aren't expected to understand everything. What they *do* expect is enthusiasm and a love of your field.
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  • luke8ballluke8ball 148 replies11 threads Junior Member
    The lab I'm working in is dealing with how particles diffuse in the ocean. We're not working with turbulent flow as of now. Thanks for the responses!
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