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How do you take notes in college?

SeattleLove13SeattleLove13 Registered User Posts: 76 Junior Member
edited August 2012 in College Life
In high school, and well all my other years of school before that, I've always taken notes by hand in just a binder or notebook like everyone else in my class does. I've only brought my computer to school when we had finals and were going over study guides or for when we were working on essays in English because it was just easier than remembering to email it to myself each night. I can type pretty fast and would like the ability to have neat, printed out notes in college to help with organization, but I'm not sure if its a good idea/typical to take notes on a computer? Or does everyone use their laptops? I'm just wondering what method you/most people in your classes use to take notes? Thanks for any responses!
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Replies to: How do you take notes in college?

  • TracyJacksonTracyJackson Registered User Posts: 197 Junior Member
    Not everyone use a laptop, some still use the old pen and paper. In fact, most people don't use a laptop to take notes in college. Many I've seen write it in their notebooks or memorize it in their heads.
  • rebeccarrebeccar Registered User Posts: 2,128 Senior Member
    My experience has been that in small classes (<20 students), everyone takes notes by hand. In medium ones (<50-60), maybe about a quarter use their laptops. In large lectures, it's half and half. Personally, I type very fast, but I still MUCH prefer to take notes by hand. When you have your computer in front of you, it's extremely difficult to stick to note-taking and not have the internet open on the side. I see it every single day in class-- everyone has Facebook open, and it's just a completely unnecessary distraction. Also, handwriting things (for me at least) helps me remember the information better because I'm not just mindlessly typing it. I'd recommend taking a notebook to class for the first week and then decide on a class-by-class basis what you want to do.
  • SeattleLove13SeattleLove13 Registered User Posts: 76 Junior Member
    Ok thanks! Maybe I'll just bring both and see what works for each class
  • invader71invader71 Registered User Posts: 1,660 Senior Member
    I still use pen and paper in all of my classes because it is just easier for me plus the laptop and Internet are just a big distraction. I always bring my laptop to lectures just in case I ever need.
  • Lily2015Lily2015 Registered User Posts: 255 Junior Member
    It really depends on your school and your classes so I'd do without your laptop for the first few classes and see what other people do.

    I go to a semi-small LAC and honestly, most everyone uses pen and paper and the people who use laptops can be annoying when everyone else is hearing their keys clicking or they're just on Pinterest anyway.
  • PhilovitistPhilovitist Registered User Posts: 2,739 Senior Member
    Try googling the Cornell Method. It helps.
  • PRiNCESSMAHiNAPRiNCESSMAHiNA Registered User Posts: 2,120 Senior Member
    ^Personally, i hated the Cornell method. Notes are kind of a personal thing though.

    I tried taking notes on a computer, but I found that I remembered better with a pen and paper. I take notes on looseleaf paper, neatly organized in a little binder. I have a separate binder for each class that contains the syllabus, notes, returned classwork, assignments to turn it, etc. Keeps me completely organized:)
  • GoldOwlGoldOwl Registered User Posts: 759 Member

    I'm a biochem major/ Vagelos scholar at Penn. For my freshmen year, I took 4 science/math classes each sem and one humanities. From my experience, most people in my humanities classes took notes on their laptops...it was more convenient that way since most people can type faster than they write + many humanities classes are more "relaxed" so it's inevitable that people like to occasionally check Facebook or go online shopping during class. In the science and math classes, most people use pen and paper b/c there's a lot of formulas/greek symbols involved so it's harder to type out. Plus, professors often go over example problems and those are much easier to copy down by hand.
  • tseliottttseliottt Registered User Posts: 147 Junior Member
    With my eyes closed.

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  • icedragonicedragon Registered User Posts: 2,170 Senior Member
    I use a digital recorder than write things down later if need be on my computer.
  • fluteloopfluteloop Registered User Posts: 278 Junior Member
    You should ask a professor before recording them.
  • MissManda42MissManda42 Registered User Posts: 71 Junior Member
    I know it probably sounds really geeky, and expensive, but I use my Livescribe pen for note heavy classes. You have to use a special paper to take notes, you can also print some as well though I never have.

    What I really loved about this pen is that while I was writing notes, the microphone in the pen was recording the lectures. So later, I could tap my writing and it'd play back what the instructor was saying at the time. A lifesaver during exam studying! You can upload the writing/recording to the software on your computer. I plan on using this pen often for my French classes this fall.
  • ladeeda6ladeeda6 Registered User Posts: 508 Member
    I use a laptop and Evernote for my Bio class and use pen and paper for just about everything else.
  • romanigypsyeyesromanigypsyeyes Registered User Posts: 33,357 Senior Member
    It depends on the class. For science classes, pen and paper because there's often diagrams and what not. For other classes, I use my netbook.
  • SillyStokey92SillyStokey92 Registered User Posts: 677 Member
    Tracy described it perfectly. Small classes usually see people taking notes by hand just because some professors don't want you to take notes on a laptop and not see your face in a class of 15 people. On the other hand, in large impersonal lectures (50+ kids) about 50-60% take notes on laptops while the others take notes by hand... and some don't take notes at all.
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