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Is it bad to not take a science class in your senior year?

vaishkcvvaishkcv 1 replies3 threads New Member
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I'm currently a junior and to date have taken 5 years of sciences (Bio, Chem, Phy, Earth sys, & AP Chem). I do intend to pursue a career in sciences like engineering. I wanted to take AP Phy next year but unfortuanately my school doesn't offer it so the only science classes left to take is AP Bio and honors physics howerver, i've already taken regular physics and I'm most likely not planning to major in anything relating to "living" sciences so i don't really see the point in taking bio. My current schedule excluding sciences is:
AP Calc (AB)
AP Economics
AP Art history
Honors French 4
American Gov
AP English

Does this seem ok for my senior year or should i re-sehedule and include a science class??
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Replies to: Is it bad to not take a science class in your senior year?

  • sevgradsevgrad 25 replies2 threads New Member
    I will be a freshmen engineering student next fall and the message/suggestions I received from admissions counselors for engineering applicants was to take the highest math/chemistry/physics your school offers. Assuming you did well in Physics I see no reason to take honor physics. Does your school offer AP Chemistry? Would your schedule permit taking a Physics course from a community college or local university?
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  • vaishkcvvaishkcv 1 replies3 threads New Member
    Well i've taken AP chem this year , and i'm hoping to take a computer science class at community college nxt year but do you suggest i take physics instead?
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  • sevgradsevgrad 25 replies2 threads New Member
    Sorry vaishkcv, I missed where you stated you had already taken AP Chem. Can you give me some idea what colleges are on your list and whether you are thinking physical sciences or engineering. Your course selection for next year looks strong although it is oriented mostly to the social sciences. If you take a computer science class at a community college, my suggestion is to not take a general intro course but something solid like a programming language class, JAVA, C++, etc.
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  • rachelm57rachelm57 225 replies8 threads Junior Member
    Engineering colleges and programs want to see rigor, especially in sciences! Would you be able to take a dual-enrollment physics class? Or you may take one after school? It's important that your schedule shows rigor.

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