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GW SEAS w/ 30k scholarship or Tufts? Please Help!

limz10limz10 18 replies4 threads New Member
Hey guys!

Now I have to choose between Tufts and SEAS of George Washington University, which offers me an annual scholarship of 30k. I am an int' student and not very sure what to major in. I have to maintain enrollment in SEAS of GW in order to obtain the scholarship, so if I went there I think I am gonna major in Computer Science. However, many people tell me that the program at GW is not very strong. If I went to Tufts I think I will also try subjects like economics, international relations to find my real interest. People say I can enjoy the authentic American liberal arts education at Tufts.

Locations of both institutions are great. I think there are as many internship opportunities at Tufts as at GW? After graduation, which has better prestige at big companies or top grad schools? My family is not rich, so the 30k scholarship is a really big tempt. I should decide for the long run nevertheless.

In short, Comp Sci at GW w/ 30k scholarship or Tufts?

Thank you for your time!
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Replies to: GW SEAS w/ 30k scholarship or Tufts? Please Help!

  • gwgradgwgrad 466 replies4 threads Member
    How much of a scholarship do you get at Tufts vs. GWU?
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  • limz10limz10 18 replies4 threads New Member
    Tufts doesn't offer me scholarship
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  • schmohawkschmohawk 1131 replies10 threads Senior Member
    In the end, I chose among NYU, GW and Tufts. I visited them all once more, and ended up choosing GW. I made the right choice.

    Limz, I found Tufts to be sub optimal in location. Not in Boston- a train ride away. DC is truly a great city: Perfect size, manageable, historic. In New England, winter is freezing. DC weather is nice for a lot of the year, and the winters are milder (although they had killer snow this year). And GW internship possibilities? The best.

    I can't comment on the strength of the computer science program, though.
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  • gwgradgwgrad 466 replies4 threads Member
    So you're looking at Tufts full price or $30k in scholarships at GWU?

    Then, GWU.

    Go to the "cheapest" (for you, after scholarships) school that you can find.

    I've never heard anyone said that DC weather is nice most of the year. I dislike it.
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  • marcusdupontusmarcusdupontus 12 replies0 threads New Member
    One of the tour guides i talked to yesterday picked GW over Tufts as well.
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  • jbnc11jbnc11 8 replies0 threads New Member
    My older son is a junior at Tufts and loves it, but $30,000 is a lot of money. He's also having trouble finding a summer internship this year, religion/philosophy major with an interest in journalism. My younger son has been admitted to GWU and AU, and is choosing AU for honors program and larger merit scholarship, probable international relations major. Good luck limz10!
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  • Zoidberg93Zoidberg93 563 replies77 threads Member
    GW has a better location (foggy bottom, essentially downtown DC) than tufts (medford, not actually boston). depending on what you do, you're more likely to find internships in DC (however, boston would be better specifically for computer science internships). BOTH are exceptional schools for international relations, so that probably shouldn't factor too much (however, GW might revoke your scholarship if you switch out of SEAS). both are decent for econ as well. science isn't quite GW's strength, though it is improving significantly (the massive new engineering building should be open by your sophomore year, hiring more faculty, etc etc). i'm not sure if tufts is THAT much better for engineering, so i can't speak to that. but im pretty sure it would be better for science/pre-med. both offer respectable undergrad liberal arts educations, that's generally how most regular universities in the US are run. $30k is pretty exceptional for an international student, so i would generally say go where the money is (GW in this case). you'll save 120k across 4 years, which is a pretty hefty sum. however, if you feel a stronger connection to tufts and can afford it, that might be the better call.
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