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people admitted to honors program

ilovelampilovelamp 264 replies13 threads Junior Member
edited January 2006 in Boston College
i think the honors program at BC sounds really interesting, though i realize i will not be admitted to it since my stats are nothing special. also... is it only for EA people? i thought RD was considered too but i am not sure. anyway, could people that got in post their stats so we can see what is needed? i'm just curious. thanks!
edited January 2006
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Replies to: people admitted to honors program

  • FieldyFieldy 32 replies3 threads Junior Member
    got in Honors for CSOM

    GPA: 4.25 (top 2.5%)
    SAT: 2140

    i think what set me out was a lot of work experiance- and no I don't mean retail. I've been into IT work as well as graphic design in my free time.
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  • SDPSDP 80 replies28 threads Junior Member
    I was accepted to the CoA&S Honors Program with a 2160 SAT (750V 760W, 650M). My GPA was a 97.3 (weighted) and I took the most challenging course load at my school. I also took 4 years of both Spanish and Latin. Furthermore, I directed and produced a musical revue at my school.
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  • ilovelampilovelamp 264 replies13 threads Junior Member
    wow... well. looks like i needed about 50 more points on the SAT. i will not be in that. i hope i get in to bc at least. congratulations to you guys!
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  • Eagles2000Eagles2000 12 replies0 threads New Member
    Relax guys---BC is NOT an uptight school...appreciate it for everything it has to offer...outside of Fulton, Devlin, Lyons, Gaston
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  • mj23mj23 66 replies11 threads Junior Member
    did u have to apply to the honors college or were u just accepted to it b/c of ur stats?
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  • highschoolsr620highschoolsr620 132 replies18 threads Junior Member
    just accepted because of stats.. i didn't even know there was one before getting my packet in my mail "welcome to the honors program at boston college"
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  • newyork_irishnewyork_irish 6 replies3 threads New Member
    i got into the honors program too...
    96.3 gpa, 2/76

    i was pretty surprised, actually
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  • elieli 253 replies36 threads Junior Member
    My son had 2270 SAT (700 m, 770 v, 800 w) with 92 avg ( = high class rank in his unranked highly selective private school). He was admitted without honors - but offered 4 years on campus housing. I understand the 4 years of housing may indicate he is likely in a fallback group to be offered honors if other honors selectees end up not going to BC. Does anyone have any observations on his nonselection or his chances for being selected for honors later? I.e., prior to arriving on campus.
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  • seniormom43seniormom43 37 replies15 threads Junior Member
    eli, I think the best thing to do is to call the honors program office. Info can be found here http://www.bc.edu/schools/cas/honors/admission/. It certainly doesnt hurt to have your son express interest, and request further information on the program and if there is a process to petition for admission at a later date, It never hurts to ask.
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  • samueladams69samueladams69 5 replies1 threads New Member
    i had 2060 SAT, editor of school paper, 10th percentile, white middle class american, killer essay (the entire thing rhymed), 670 math II and 750 bio-M (SAT II) and i got into the honors program.
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  • sk8nglisk8ngli 51 replies6 threads Junior Member
    Hey all,

    Congrats to everyone into college already, BC or otherwise! and Congradulations if you're in the honors program.

    I've just got a few questions. What exactly does the honors program entail? They're not very specific in the packet. Do all honors program students live in the honors program housing? I just read that there are about 140 honors students accepted. They have a whole required set of courses, is that the same amount that you'd need to cover the core anyway? B/c I definately find the topics interesting, but if I have to cover other requirements, honors program requirements, and pre-med requirements, that doesn't leave much time for anything else (partying haha). What's it like in the honors program? Is it really all that different?

    Last question, do people typically show up to the accepted students day sans parents?
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