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Addicted to altoids because of school?

purplepoppy07purplepoppy07 119 replies53 threads Junior Member
edited July 2013 in High School Life
So it started when I had a test and ate an altoid to refresh my mind. Then I started doing it more and more. Now whenever I do my homework, I have to be constantly eating them. I have to have them every day in school.

This may sound so stupid and it kind of is. But I really don't want to depend on mints just to achieve academic success. How should I stop?

edited July 2013
11 replies
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Replies to: Addicted to altoids because of school?

  • hahalolkhahalolk 1735 replies22 threads Senior Member
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  • Khj501Khj501 48 replies6 threads Junior Member
    U know altoids are not good for you if u eat them constantly.. Someone told me that it burns a hole in ur stomach but i dont believe that
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  • LaTinaLaTina 960 replies14 threads Member
    I could believe that.
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  • FiggyNewtonFiggyNewton 227 replies43 threads New Member
    i'm addicted to tic tacs. i'm really self concious about my breath so i eat those things like candy.
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  • SarahfawazSarahfawaz 1 replies0 threads New Member
    It's not silly I've got the same problem.The reason you feel more alert when taking an altoid before school work is because the peppermint stimulates your brain. Yes it's bad for your gallbladder. Plus I've noticed a link between altoids and anemia and I can definitely see it from my perspective also since I'm addicted to them.For a replacement that gives the stimulate effect that is healthier for you is dark chocolate. Highly healthy for you. Most people usually say the crunch or texture is what contributes to the addition. Well Walmart has dark chocolate with a little crunch as well.
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  • WeekndWeeknd 965 replies33 threads Member
    I used to ALWAYS chew gum whenever i had a test/essay etc but when i got braces i did it less and less. It was more of a nerves thing that i got over
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  • RepedeRepede 2408 replies38 threads Senior Member
    Thank you for bumping this thread. It was a good laugh.
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  • ilovediannaagronilovediannaagron 525 replies41 threads Member
    ^why is this funny? luckily, i know this person and (s)he got over this problem!
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  • LoveArtForeverLoveArtForever 1095 replies39 threads Senior Member
    I used to be addicted to gum, still kinda am.. maybe you could try peppermint gum, because it lasts longer than an altoid? Even though it's not really better. But hey, everyone has their habits. If you want to get over it, maybe try to find a good replacement habit? Like eating carrots at home while you do homework (even though that's probably really unrealistic, idk), and gum at school? haha good luck.
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  • RepedeRepede 2408 replies38 threads Senior Member
    luckily, i know this person and (s)he got over this problem!

    How well could you know them if you don't know their sex?
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  • ybrown234ybrown234 509 replies10 threads Member
    I don't know why this thread got bumped, but oh well it's HSL so it doesn't matter.

    Anyway, those sour altoids were the greatest things ever. Too bad they were like 110% citric acid and eventually got discontinued.
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