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Drexel vs Rutgers for BMIE

tweetytweetytweetytweety 6 replies6 threads New Member
I am really struggling to figure out for my son which is better academically? Drexel vs Rutgers for Biomedical engineering with Pre-med. His ultimate goal (at least right now) is MD.
I am trying to decide on factors other than tuition. I am Nj so from tuition perspective Rutgers of course is better. but, incase he decides to move to other engineering and decides to do MS instead of MD.. I am thinking drexel's coop is huge factor to consider.

Would love your thought on this pls?
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Replies to: Drexel vs Rutgers for BMIE

  • OnWithTheRiotDUOnWithTheRiotDU 88 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Hi Tweety,
    I'm a current Drexel undergrad. I can't answer your question too well, but I can tell you that I do I know 3-4 students here who are in the Biomedical engineering program with plans to pursue an MD after they graduate. While I've only talked to one extensively about it, each of them seems to believe they are getting adequate prepartion for the MCATS on their respective tracks. If your son is serious about pursuing an MD through the BME program, he should probably do the 4-year, 1 Co-Op option here. However, if he is between being a doctor and an engineering, I would personally recommend starting out in BME with a 5-year, 3 Co-Op option. This way, he gets a taste of Biomedical Engineering in his Co-Ops so he can figure out whether to go to Medical School or to Grad school.

    Also note that Drexel's College of Engineering is separate from Drexel's school of Biomedical engineering. There are slight differences in the curriculum as early as freshman year and the more quarters you wait, the harder it is to transfer from Biomedical to any other major.

    Drexel is an amazing school if you know what you want to do. If you are trying to figure out, a larger, state university might be worth it though. While I take a lot of pride in Drexel and love my experience so far, the only thing worse for the university than students not enrolling is students enrolling and being unhappy.

    Good luck with your search,
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