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What to expect with a 2110?

adidinescuadidinescu 64 replies12 threads Junior Member
I just got my scores on Thursday that I got a 2110 on my SAT. The problem is I'm not too happy with the split. I got a 750 in Reading 690 in Math and 670 in Writing. I wasn't expecting such a high reading score or such a low math score especially as I want to be in engineering. I'm taking the ACT in two weeks and then the SAT Subject Tests two weeks later. I want to see which test I want to focus on more and which I should dedicate to getting higher. 690 is the lowest I've ever gotten on the math section so I'm worried. If (probably a "when") I take the SAT again, I'm worried my reading and writing will drop even if my math goes up leaving me with a lower score. Should I just try to improve my super-score? Also, could I get into UCLA Engineering or RPI with these scores? Thanks for your help :)
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  • vpatwardhanvpatwardhan 84 replies29 threads Junior Member
    My friend got into UCLA engineering with a 690/710/750 SAT score
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  • zgamergirlzgamergirl 82 replies16 threads Junior Member
    My recommendation is to focus on the ACT now and see how it turns out. If you get a higher score on the ACT than the SAT, then focus on studying for the ACT -- or you may even get a superb ACT score the first time and not have to worry about the SAT! :)

    If you usually only miss one or two questions on the math section, it could have just been minor slip-ups and mistakes that gave you a lower score than expected on the actual test. (Missing one grid-in drops you to a 770.) I'd say take some more practice tests, and see how your math score turns out. If you get questions wrong from mistakes and not because you don't understand the concepts, then invest more time in the reading and writing sections (also make sure you write down your math, it'll help prevent small mistakes).
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  • CT1417CT1417 4433 replies24 threads Senior Member
    Have you taken enough practice ACTs that you know it is worth your while to sit for the ACT?

    That is a great SAT CR score. Math has a really harsh curve so I would guess a 690 represented either four or five incorrect. If you do not have time to dedicate to math practice this spring, plan to retake the SAT in Oct after completing every math practice test you can lay your hands on.

    Colleges commonly superscore the SAT so I would not worry tremendously about a dip in your CR score. Focus on math late this summer, but then also take full-length practice tests on the weekends prior to the Oct SAT. Taking the full test will get your mind back in the groove for all sections. Good luck!
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  • adidinescuadidinescu 64 replies12 threads Junior Member
    Thanks for the info guys. @vpatwardhan that is still 40 points better than me. @zgamergirl Thank you for the help, and it'd be nice to not worry about the SAT. My sister got a 2150 SAT and turned around and got a 35 on the ACT, so I'm hoping I will do better on the ACT. @CT1417 I don't think I've practiced nearly enough to know what I'm getting myself into so I'm not sure how it's going to go...
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  • vpatwardhanvpatwardhan 84 replies29 threads Junior Member
    True but your math and critical reading scores are higher.
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