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I have a few questions about Clairmont Campus.

seiclanseiclan 4031 replies151 threads Senior Member
My son is going to living in a URC (four bedroom/2 bath) apartment for Junior year. He is in GBS at Emory.

How long a ride is the shuttle to classes and how often do they run?
Is the parking at Clairmont assigned or can you park in any Clairmont garage?
Is there a food court (like Cox) or a Starbucks or someplace there to purchase snacks? I believe that there is a dining hall there but that is cafeteria food. I was wondering about NOT cafeteria food.
Is there room in the bedrooms (they are 8'3" X 12') for a small micro fridge?
Does he need a shower curtain or are they supplied?

Anything other Clairmont information would be great, thanks.

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  • bernie12bernie12 5436 replies10 threads Senior Member
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    - It's not cafeteria food: It's more like Woodruff (they have pizza, subs, burgers?, and other things....a little min-convenient market thing is associated with it too)
    -I don't know about parking.
    - I think there is room for a microfridge especially if you arrange your furniture correctly.
    -Shower curtain provided
    -like 5-10 minutes is commute time depending on whether you want to go to the circle or are taking the loop. Shuttles run extremely frequently until the night time. If you have early (8-10 range) morning classes, plan ahead though, because despite the frequency, it's still very competitive.
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  • aluminum_boataluminum_boat 1496 replies43 threads Senior Member
    Parking is assigned. If you park at urc,you don't get a parking deck on campus.

    And, yes on burgers.

    Shuttles are fine: sometimes you have to wait for the Loop or the C specifically but you cna always take the C to go where the loop would have. Or vice versa.

    Shuttles on weekends are terrible, but it sounds like he has a car so it doesn't matter.
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  • bernie12bernie12 5436 replies10 threads Senior Member
    edited May 2014
    Clairmont still "meh", isolated, not really fun except the tower! lol. When walking, I viewed Lullwater and Starvine way leaving Clairmont as pathways to freedom on weekends. God, I don't really miss that (not to say I cared for Woodruff, but the fact that the Grill stayed open late and that there were plenty of random socializing spaces made it a bit funner I guess. Piano in Grill also made for a good time). I guess Clairmont's athletic amenities and apartments were very nice, but they don't contribute to community and socialization all that much. It really completes the solidification of any cliques that had formed (again, exclusion tower and maybe some URC folks).
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