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what is your schools IB grading scale ?

worker45worker45 6 replies5 threads New Member
From freshman to sophomore, I was under IB MYP system. My school had kinda weird grading scale. I am not blaming my school for the low grade I had, but I am saying that I just want to know how other school did their grading.

For freshman the grading skill was

But for sophomore it was like
6- 3.5
5- 3.0
4- 2.5
3- 2.0
2- 1.5
1- 1.0

It kinda weird that they say 6 is 3.5 for MYP because that would be too harsh and my school is not that competitive, so those who went to myp and ib school, could you guys please tell me your grading scale? Thank You
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Replies to: what is your schools IB grading scale ?

  • nanotechnologynanotechnology 2503 replies23 threads Senior Member
    My school didn't use IB grades for determining course grades. Course letter grades were determined by percentages like every other class. However, each teacher determined this scale on their own. In my IB History class, he gave essay grades on a 5-7 scale, and 5+ was generally an A (but there were other factors in the grading). In IB English, our teacher used the IB rubric, which is very harsh percentage-wise. It was the most difficult class in the school to get an A in.
    But yeah, the grading scale for sophomore year sounds pretty harsh.

    (Also, you'd probably get better responses on this if you posted it in the IB forum)
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  • worker45worker45 6 replies5 threads New Member
    @nanotechnology‌ can you tell me where the IB forum is? Thank You
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  • colorado_momcolorado_mom 9495 replies83 threads Senior Member
    For DS, IB (or AP) usually takens jr/sr year there was +1 adder. So A=5, B=4 etc. Pre-IB had +.5, A=4.5.

    For DD's class a few years prior, there was no weighting for pre-IB
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