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Non-Audition Music Industry/Business Schools

selftitledlifeselftitledlife 12 replies4 threads New Member
edited July 2014 in Music Major

I am senior in high school whose is interested in majoring in Music Industry, Business, or Technology. I have been researching schools for a month now and have become very frustrated. What I am looking for, is a non-audition, no portfolio requirement, program. I would love to find a program that has a mix of business and technology. The many names of this major has made the search very difficult, especially since the schools have different curriculum. I have narrowed down my school list to few schools:

Syracuse (Bandier)
Middle Tennessee State University
Capital University
Belmont (Unsure if there is an audition)
University of North Alabama (Has an Entertainment Industry major)

I have also looked at Northeastern University but I am unsure if you have to audition for their program.

If anyone could lend any advice or information on the colleges or pursuing this major, it would be much appreciated!

A little about me...I do play an instrument, but I just do not want to audition or play it in college. I have a 4.0 GPA and 24 composite ACT and 1700 composite SAT. Do these stats look good for this major?
edited July 2014
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Replies to: Non-Audition Music Industry/Business Schools

  • dyiu13dyiu13 2811 replies55 threads Senior Member
    edited July 2014
    Try Columbia College Chicago. Try Business & Entrepreneurship/Music Business, Audio Arts & Acoustics, Radio, Interactive Arts & Media... You might find what you're looking for among those departments, maybe by route of a self-designed major. Your stats look good, but audio would require some solid math/physics skills.
    edited July 2014
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  • electricbassmomelectricbassmom 207 replies11 threads Junior Member
    Two years ago, when my son looked at the Northeastern program, there was no audition. Belmont has a music business program that is separate from the music school, and thus, does not require an audition. Hartt at the University of Hartford offers a Performing Arts Management degree that does not require an audition.

    I think that you may need to narrow down what you are looking for. Music Technology can be a very different major from Music Business.
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  • jeannemarjeannemar 360 replies27 threads Member
    Middle Tennessee State has two programs, one in the music school and one in the school of mass communications. Each has several different tracks as well. I suggest you take a look at the course requirements to see which one fits your interests. My son will be starting in the Recording Industry Major and @shellybean's son will be a music major with a Music Industry minor.
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  • shellybeanshellybean 185 replies57 threads Junior Member
    As jeannemar said, I'd I second her suggestion that you consider Middle Tennessee State. The Music Industry professor is Cedric Dent who is/was/is with Take 6, a hugely popular vocal group. He is amazingly talented and he does no doubt have good advice and connections. My son will be double majoring in jazz and music industry there and is very much looking forward to learning from him and all the rest of the very talented and dedicated profs. . You can choose a track that will allow you not to audition I believe, but you may want to audition for scholarship. They do allow non-music majors to audition I think.
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  • romemamaromemama 28 replies2 threads Junior Member
    In Philly, Drexel University's Music Industry program has an optional 5 year MBA option. The facilities (multiple recording studios and tech) were good and my son really liked the program and the people he met there. There was no auction or portfolio requirement.

    The NYU Clive Davis program does have a portfolio requirement, but I think it can be a business plan or promotion ideas and not you playing an instrument depending on what type of entrepreneur track you choose.

    Good luck!
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  • selftitledlifeselftitledlife 12 replies4 threads New Member
    Thank you for everyone's input! My top school choices are Middle Tennessee State and Syracuse.
    Another question, I talked to the one of the directors of admission at the Setnor School of Music at Syracuse and she suggested to try and get an internship somewhere or work some music festivals in the area. How important is this to improving your chances to get into college? I am interested in getting an internship, but I just would not have the time to with school and sports, but is it really necessary before college?

    The more I think about it, I am leaning more towards music business or industry.

    Also, I would love to go to Drexel, but my parents told me they do not want to my going to Philly, which sucks.
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