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What Decisions are You Waiting For?


Replies to: What Decisions are You Waiting For?

  • ifwelivepoetryifwelivepoetry 13 replies1 threads New Member
    I'm really waiting for my top three: Barnard, Wellesley (got a likely from EE so maybe good news), and Smith College., but officially I have 2 acceptances and I am waiting on 9.
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  • NEPatsGirlNEPatsGirl 2845 replies106 threads Senior Member
    Good luck ifwelivepoetry ~ D got a possible at Wellesley so we think that's off the books but she got an early-write from Smith the same day. A "likely" is an admit unless something in your life changes drastically. Barnard is one she is waiting on too!
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  • Homeless2PrincetonHomeless2Princeton 442 replies5 threads Member
    Waiting on 21. I know. Woah.
    Accepted to 6, includjng UMinnesota and UAlabama
    The rest are all reaches except 2, finally in the home stretch!!!
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  • Bored1997Bored1997 524 replies26 threads Member
    @Homeless2Harvard You filed 27 apps along with waiver forms and scholarship forms for each? That is incredible :-O
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  • Homeless2PrincetonHomeless2Princeton 442 replies5 threads Member
    @Bored1997‌ shamefully yes, I started very misguided in the whole college search and applied to a bunch of schools until I focused it much more towards the end
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  • ninadasiyninadasiy 322 replies21 threads Member
    Accepted- GMU Honors, UAlabama Honors, JMU, UVA, Richmond, Emory, and likely from WM
    Deferred- Princeton REA, Stanford and Yale through Questbridge
    Waiting- Rice, Duke, Georgetown, UNC CH, Penn, Brown, Columbia, WUSTL, NU, and Oberlin.
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  • Greenman57Greenman57 154 replies7 threads Junior Member
    edited March 2015
    @NEPatsGirl‌ - Ya, anyone who has a 3.8+ WGPA and a 1250+ SAT, as well as a good mix of AP's and EC's, can have a very solid (85%+) chance at UMass. (Last year's average was ~3.8 GPA and 1220 (M+R) SAT) This being said, this is only true for going in undecided, and many programs like CS, Business and Engineering are MUCH more selective. Just saying this because too many MA students get temped to take out loans with little gain for schools like WPI.
    edited March 2015
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  • phoenixmomof2phoenixmomof2 671 replies10 threads Member
    DD applied to 10.
    U of AZ - Accepted
    Northern AZ Univ - Acccepted
    TCU - Accepted
    Fordham - Accepted
    UChicago - Deferred

    Waiting For:
    Notre Dame, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, Duke, Richmond

    The wait is so painful. But I was so happen when March arrived! This is the month!!!
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  • NEMom2015NEMom2015 7 replies2 threads New Member
    DS accepted to Siena, Juniata, Susquehanna, Goucher. Wait listed Clark and waiting on Stonehill and St. Mikes. DD accepted Drexel, Becker, SUNY IT, Stevens Institute Tech. Waiting on WPI and Champlain.
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  • ettudisettudis 57 replies10 threads Junior Member
    I'm dying to hear back from Bryn Mawr, Mount Holyoke, UC Irvine, and Boston University. Those are my top choices, with BMC being my number 1.

    I also applied to all UCs except Merced and Berkeley, but realistically, I think my decisions from UCLA and UCSD are almost certain rejections.
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  • bordertexanbordertexan 301 replies3 threads Member
    S accepted to MIT, UT. Waiting for RIce, Duke, WashU, JHU, Harvard, Princeton. Harvard contacted S at HS yesterday for a phone interview. Seemed odd. Anyone heard of this before? We figured alum forgot to contact earlier.
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  • Matt846Matt846 519 replies28 threads Member
    Accepted to UMD, currently waiting on Cornell, Northwestern, Vanderbilt, Hopkins, Yale, Duke, Peabody, and Michigan...going to be a very long month. First one I hear back from is CV scholarship hopefully in a couple days.
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  • EconomoEconomo 51 replies4 threads Junior Member
    D accepted 9/9 so far: Willamette, UPS, L&C, ColoCollege, ColoSchMines, Kansas-Honors, Beloit, Gonzaga and in-state flagship safety. Merit awards from $14K to $25K, so big price discounts out of tuition everywhere, but didn't get any of 3 full-ride scholarships competed/considered for. Waiting to hear anything from Rice and Whitman, and to see all financial aid packages (Probably no need aid past Direct loans). A couple frontrunners emerging, and a couple minor surprises about merit aid, but generally quite close to predictions. Anxious to see decision unfold over next month.
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  • dennaeldennael 78 replies13 threads Junior Member
    Accepted - UVM, Simmons, Clark U
    Waiting - Bates, Colby, Connecticut, Mount Holyoke, Wheaton MA
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  • DiffMomDiffMom 157 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Waiting to hear from USC and UCLA.
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  • GummybearzGummybearz 29 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Applied to 11 schools, accepted to 5 and waiting for 6. This is torture!
    University of Portland: Accepted
    Tulane University: Accepted
    CSU Long Beach: Accepted
    UCSB: Accepted
    Cal Poly SLO: Accepted
    UCSD: Waiting
    UC Davis: Waiting
    UC Berkeley: Waiting
    UCLA: Waiting
    Stanford: Waiting
    University of Chicago: Waiting
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  • BostonSportsFanBostonSportsFan 76 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Waiting to hear from Syracuse and Umass.
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  • mybstnwmybstnw 181 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Waiting on Tufts, Northwestern, Penn, and a few others.
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  • SvFalcons74SvFalcons74 145 replies9 threads Junior Member
    Applied to 11

    Accepted by 5
    Cal Poly

    Waiting on 4

    Withdrawn from 2
    UCLA & UCB (Got into schools I'd rather go to)
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  • minohiminohi 362 replies15 threads Member
    Grand Valley State: Accepted
    Loyola University Chicago: Accepted
    Michigan State: Accepted
    Case Western Reserve: Accepted
    Beloit: Accepted
    Purdue: Accepted
    Wooster: Accepted
    Kalamazoo: Likely Letter
    Denison: Waiting
    Rochester: Waiting
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