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GWU - Fall 2015 Applicant - Chance Me!

jv3cc923jv3cc923 13 replies9 threads New Member
Hi! I hope someone can help me with a few questions I have about GW. I'm really curious about my chances of gaining acceptance for the fall of 2016. First, I'll tell a little bit about myself. I am a rising senior in high school, and my cumulative weighted GPA is a 4.33. My school is one of the most prestigious in the state, so I assume that will help my application in some way. I hope to continue the upward trend for next year. I just took my SATs -- 1410/1600; 2130/2400. I am really involved in my school's extracurriculars. I am a part of the Science Olympiad, Academic Bowl, and Spanish Club. I am also a part of a nationally-ranked "TEAMS" (Tests of Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics, and Science) team (3rd & 9th in nation). I am a member of my school's chapter of the National Honor Society. I recently won an art award from the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition. It earned significant recognition - 2 Gold Keys, 2 American Vision Awards, an article in Scholastic's magazine, along with The Best Teen Writing of 2014. I have also taken 5 APs/7 honors courses up to this point, and am scheduled for 5 more APs for next year (senior year). I also won the National Spanish Exam's Junior Travel Award, an award in which recipients travel to a Spanish-speaking country for one week, all expenses paid. I was one of 24 in the nation. Also, I am a two-sport varsity athlete: football and basketball. I volunteer at three organizations in my free time. I think that covers most of it. I am seeking any insight from current/past students, or simply anyone who has some sort of knowledge of the admissions criteria. Any tips? How do I stand based on my current grades/scores/extracurriculars? Also, what are the financial aid and merit packages like? I am a resident of Delaware.
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  • jv3cc923jv3cc923 13 replies9 threads New Member
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    Also, for current/past students, what is the social scene like?
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  • premature_graypremature_gray 272 replies0 threads Junior Member
    You are obviously a great candidate for a lot of schools, including schools that are more selective than GW. At GW, it's important to display interest, so if you can visit and/or attend a local visit from an admissions rep, that will help.
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  • NHufferNHuffer 978 replies2 threadsForum Champion GWU Forum Champion
    I echo @premature_gray 100%. You are a great candidate and I think the only way you WOULDN'T get in is if you didn't show enough interest. Even if you can't make a trip to visit the campus, I think an essay that clearly states why you want GW and why it's the school for you would get you in.

    Good luck, and keep plugging away at school!
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