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Questions about Watson's acceptance

CrazyCoconutCrazyCoconut 0 replies1 threads New Member
edited September 2015 in SUNY at Binghamton
So I wasn't such a great student earlier in high school, however I've really grown and I'm currently in 2 AP's (Calc & Bio) and 3 college courses (English,Spanish,Comp Sci). My grades have increased substantially and I'm currently siting at a 91.3 (3.6-3.7 gpa) and I have an 1860 on the SAT (I'm taking it two more times & doing my best to improve upon it). So anyways, I'm wondering; Do they acknowledge improvement? , Are my scores high enough for Watson? (Chance me pls) , Can you transfer into Watson? Also, my sister is in the nursing program there if that helps.
edited September 2015
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Replies to: Questions about Watson's acceptance

  • sprinkles12sprinkles12 222 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Well, Watson admission is kind of weird but if I were you I would probably try to score as high as I can on the SAT the next time you take it. Especially the math part. Also, make sure your current grades stay where they are. So you do have a shot. Unfortunately, its really hard to transfer into Watson once you are already at Binghamton so I honestly wouldn't suggest doing that.

    So yeah, you have a chance but I would also apply to other schools (other suny schools with engineering programs, maybe a school like RIT). If you do get offered a spot at Harpur, I probably wouldn't take unless you are fine with getting a liberal arts/science degree instead of an engineering one.
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