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Should I Go With (cheap) UF or (expensive) Shoot Higher?


Replies to: Should I Go With (cheap) UF or (expensive) Shoot Higher?

  • Erin's DadErin's Dad 33348 replies4079 threads Super Moderator
    I'm curios when you say the HYPSM etc. have good need based tuition what you mean. Does that mean if I were to theoretically get in they would work with my needs and provide a reasonable tuition?
    Uh, no. The college gets to define what they consider need. However HYPSM are the most generous of all schools. As @Zinhead stated you can get good aid at H with income up to $200K. But those schools are also the most competitive to get into. Definitely run the Net Price Calculators for each school. Be aware that if your parents own a business your income for FA will be higher than what your taxes show. Many business deductions get discounted for FA.
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  • ZinheadZinhead 2473 replies137 threads Senior Member
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    ^^^Retirement contributions get added back in regardless if you have a business or are employed. I firmly believe they do this to punish the Kulaks.
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