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Cornell Fall 2017 Transfer


Replies to: Cornell Fall 2017 Transfer

  • Mastodon97Mastodon97 678 replies47 threads Member
    Can anyone chance me? I usually don't ask that on here but Cornell is my top choice and I'd love to get feedback

    I'm applying to the ILR school at Cornell as a junior. I have literally been finishing all the perquisites since I learned about the program in the winter of my freshman year.

    HS GPA: 3.3-This was due to a lot of family and personal troubles.
    ECs: Not that much, just some volunteering.
    SAT: 1980
    ACT: 28

    College GPA: 3.8 (I'm currently a sophomore).
    Also note that I have gotten an A in all of the ILR School's pre-requisite classes.
    ECs: -Mock Trial,- College Newspaper, College Activities Board, College Residential Education Department, Deans List, Political Club

    Got 2 really amazing recs from Professors.

    I'm pretty good at writing, so my essays are (hopefully) great.

    Thanks in advance!
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  • DrRichDrRich 38 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Hello everyone! I'm applying to CALS as a Biology and Society major.


    Broward College, Davie, FL Expected Graduation Date: June 2017
    A.A. candidate
    Majors: Psychology and Biological Sciences
    Minor: Mathematics
    GPA: 3.85/4.0
    Honors: Robert “Bob” Elmore Honors College; Phi Theta Kappa

    President’s List (2016)
    Dean’s List (2015)
    Academic Achievement Award in Psychology (2016)
    Academic Achievement Award in Sociology (2016)
    Brad & Terry Holcombe Honors Scholarship (2016)
    Honors College (2015-Current)
    Gold Honor (2015)
    National Forensic League Degree of Excellence (2015)

    Broward College, Social and Behavioral Science Department, Davie, FL 
    Independent Research, “Effect of loud noises on neurological connections”
    December 2016
    This research focuses on the effects of the brain’s neural connections when exposed to noise polluted environments.

    Supervised Research, “The role of transcendent purpose for learning, growth mindset, and grit on self-regulation and student achievement in community college students”
    February 2016
    For this supervised research experience, I reviewed literature on non-cognitive factors as a foundation for academic success. After Institutional Review Board approval, I collected data to determine the benefits of developing self-transcendence purposes. I submitted the results for presentation at regional conferences.

    Class Project – Advanced General Psychology, “The effects of distraction on reaction time”  
    October 2015
    This project assesses concentration, focus, and reaction time to stimuli, using near stimulus and response test. Data were collected from participants enrolled in Advanced Psychology. The analysis will be conducted using a Biopac Science Lab to measure reaction time.

    Honors Class Project, “Perseverance and Passion in Student Success”
    November 2015
    The project was conducted as an honors class requirement for General Psychology. The purpose was to demonstrate the importance of non-cognitive traits in academic achievement by conducting focus groups with students and analyzing articles on grit. I interviewed a group of students about what is more important in their academics and how they could do better. The results showed that students believe that hard work was more important than intelligence. As a result, we found that the reason why college students tend to drop out of college is because of lack of motivation. I presented these findings at the Honors Colloquium and at the Florida Collegiate Honors Council 2016 Conference.

    Honors Colloquium 2016 – Broward College
    Effect of loud noises on neurological connections.
    Florida Collegiate Honors Council 2016 – University of Florida
    Perseverance and passion in student success.
    Honors Colloquium 2015 – Broward College
    Perseverance and passion in student success.

    Broward College, Psi Beta Chapter
    National honor society in psychology for two-year colleges.
    Founder (August 2016 – Present)

    Broward College, Phi Theta Kappa
    Vice president of Public Relations (January 2016 – Present)

    Broward College, Psychology Club
    Promote mental health awareness in college students and service to the community.
    President (August 2016 – Present)
    Vice president (January 2016 – July 2016)
    Historian/Student Success Coordinator (August 2015 - December 2015)

    Psychology Tutor/student assistant for General Psychology
    • Provide tutoring for students in blended/accelerated course; Communicate with students via LMS to monitor their progress; Lead online discussion with questions/answers for students; Provide feedback on in-class writing assignments; Facilitate study groups for final exams.

    Research Group “Student Success: The Role of Grit and Growth Mindset”
    Faculty Advisors: Nathalie Franco, Ph.D. & Noelle Crooks, Ph.D.
    • Analyzed scholarly articles; Proposed ideas for research studies; Conducted original studies in Psychology

    Intern at the Social Behavioral Sciences Enhancement Program
    • Created partnership in the field of study; Assisted with college events promoted by the department

    Service Learning Program - Study Abroad Brazil
    • Participated in several service-learning projects, applying classroom theoretical lectures; Helped students with study habits to improve their school performance and self-esteem with the “Growth Project”

    Psi Beta Chapter
    • Responsible for founding a new chapter at Broward College; Prepared plans for future research groups and community service projects.

    Harvard National Invitational Forensics Tournament
    • Participated in Congressional debate

    University of Florida Blue Key and Debate Tournament      
    • Participated in Congressional debate

    Memorial Hospital West, Volunteer (December 2015- August 2016)
    Pembroke Pines, FL                      
    • Assist nurses with postsurgical patients

    Phi Theta Kappa (2016)
    American Psychological Association (2016)
    Certifications: American Heart Association Heartsaver CPR (2015)
    Affiliations: American Medical Student Association (2015)
    National Speech and Debate Association (2014)
    National Forensic League (2014)

    Computer Skills: Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), AutoCAD proficient, Mac and PC literate.
    Language: Spanish, French, and Portuguese fluency

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  • DrRichDrRich 38 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Let me know what you guys think!
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  • firstleaguefirstleague 31 replies1 threads Junior Member
    @nyrider without knowing any other info. I would have to say no.
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  • Mastodon97Mastodon97 678 replies47 threads Member
    Any other ILR applicants?
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  • ILR2020ILR2020 146 replies2 threads Junior Member
    @Mastodon97 I am applying to ILR
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  • johnpfc3johnpfc3 156 replies17 threads Junior Member
    @DrRich wait so you're expected to graduate this June? how are you applying as a transfer lmao
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  • jpug13jpug13 22 replies6 threads New Member
    Anyone applying to aap?
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  • chamberswchambersw 44 replies34 threads Junior Member
    For admissions into CALS , how competitive are you if you meet the GPA requirement (3.0) and completed all the required courses for your intended major with B's and above. Also does it give you an advantage if you go to a school that has an articulation agreement with CALS?
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  • DrRichDrRich 38 replies5 threads Junior Member
    @johnpfc3 I am graduating with my Associate's in Arts this June. :)
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  • krutoiparen11krutoiparen11 8 replies0 threads New Member
    Hey guys,
    Do you think sending midterms in April is acceptable? Cannot send them right now. They won't be available until the beginning of April.
    My current GPA is high, but midterms are going to be low (about 3.0). The same thing happened in the last semester, but eventually I had a nearly perfect GPA.
    Do y think bad mid term grades will significantly lower my chances?
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  • MysteriousDudeMysteriousDude 103 replies1 threads Junior Member
    @krutoiparen11 I think they mostly consider the fact that you don't flunk your schoolwork and face academic probation. As long as you keep a decent GPA (3.0 or higher) I think you should be good. A higher GPA is always a plus of course, but don't stress it. It's just a snapshot.
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  • yoonicessyoonicess 11 replies3 threads New Member
    Those of you who submitted your application already, did you guys receive your ApplicantID? I submitted my application three days ago and still hasn't received the Applicant ID and PIN :/
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  • InfoSciInfoSci 52 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Those who are applying for financial aid: Have you received your IDOC ID yet, and if so, how long was it after you submitted your application? Thanks!
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  • chamberswchambersw 44 replies34 threads Junior Member
    Is anyone applying to the development sociology major ? They say its a "small" major , does that mean that less people are applying or that there are very few spaces?
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  • chamberswchambersw 44 replies34 threads Junior Member
    Is anyone applying from an institution that has an articulation agreement with CALS? If so did you complete all the required courses for your major ?
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  • jpug13jpug13 22 replies6 threads New Member
    I sent my high school transcript and college transcript both on march 1st and they haven't shown up on my application status checklist. Is this a problem or will they show up soon?
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  • MysteriousDudeMysteriousDude 103 replies1 threads Junior Member
    @jpug13 They say it can take up to 2-3 weeks to process documents after they come in. I contacted admissions since my documents were sent in February and still don't show up lol
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  • panicattheapppanicattheapp 107 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Hi. I'm a freshman at majoring in Statistics. I plan on applying to transfer to CALS Biometry and Statistics program.

    GPA: 4.0 HS GPA: 3.8 EC: Worked in a computational biology lab at a well renowned hospital in New York City for a summer. Member in an Israeli Business group at my school and will be working at Deloitte in Israel. Recommendations: My boss from the computational bio. lab (11/10), my academic advisor (10/10), my writing teacher (10/10) Essays are really good.

    I literally just applied a day or two ago, best of luck everyone.
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  • va2pittsburghva2pittsburgh 37 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Hey guys!

    I am currently going to an ACC school. I've been planning this transfer for a while and I'm glad to see the thread has been made.

    High school:
    GPA around a 3.3, I don't think anything from high school matters much since I'm applying for my Junior year

    -Sophomore, applying as jr
    -Major: Currently finance, applying for Economics
    -69 Credits total
    -have all the requirements for the Econ major except for Calc II (will take this summer)
    GPA: 3.54, had a 3.78 last semester taking 18 credits
    Involvement: Solid, two E-board positions, involved in a few clubs and I'm being trained in the music department by a well known jazz guitarist
    -Recommendation: One from my Jazz guitar teacher, and American Literature professor (received an A+ in course)

    I notice people like to mention their internships on this forum but I'm confused as to how you wold incorporate them into the CommonApp. Other then schools that accept resumes, is there something I'm missing?
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