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What school was unexpectedly your least favorite when you visited?


Replies to: What school was unexpectedly your least favorite when you visited?

  • Fishnlines29Fishnlines29 1547 replies10 threads Senior Member
    Any college where a student takes the time to approach our tour group and say, "Don't go here!"
    Funny you say that - it happened to us at UCLA. 3 different groups of students, yes 3, approached us during our tour and yelled out (one group whispered) "Don't come here". It must have just been a huge topic of discussion on campus because it appeared the reason had to do with "overcrowding." Otherwise, we walked away loving the tour and overall the vibe was great - kids were having fun and they were friendly.

    A lot of folks also mentioned UCSD, I personally liked the campus, or parts of it anyway. My daughter, however, did not care for it. Also, she was turned off by the information session before the tour. The first thing the speaker asked the audience was "Has anyone here already been admitted?" It was a pretty full room, maybe 150 or so people. A few students raised their hands. The speaker went on to say "You should feel really honored to have been accepted." That just rubbed my daughter the wrong way - no "we're lucky to have you" or "we would love for you to choose us" to counteract it.

    Both daughter and I very much disliked the tour at Rutgers. The campus is too spread out and dorms and classrooms were very dark and dreary. That said, we toured prior to many new renovations. They built and opened dorms/facilites for a new Honors college, new student apartments, an upgraded/new research facility for biomed and health sciences, not sure what else.
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  • LilyMoonLilyMoon 1762 replies70 threads Senior Member
    UCSD was also a disappointment for us. We were thinking the Southern CA vibe would be present and the scenery beautiful. Wrong on both counts. The school was bland and uninspiring, except for the library named for Dr. Seuss.
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  • northwestynorthwesty 3587 replies9 threads Senior Member
    "Dang! I was so hoping Va Tech would go unscathed in this thread. Oh well."

    But don't you feel good about all the smack downs being directed at UVA and its "Grounds"?
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  • barronsbarrons 23094 replies1958 threads Senior Member
    VT is only a couple miles off I81 and about 10 minutes from the Roanoke metro area (pop 300K +). not MON in my book.
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  • HMom16HMom16 805 replies19 threads Member
    Harvard - My daughter hated Harvard Square and the highway that runs under the campus.
    UPenn - Surrounding area was too congested
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  • citymama9citymama9 2502 replies142 threads Senior Member
    @mominthemiddle Interestingly enough, your post just made me think that we should put JMU on our list of places to visit:))
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  • simba9simba9 3382 replies20 threads Senior Member
    edited April 2017
    My big surprise was that my daughter and I had identical reactions to MIT. Even though she wanted to be an engineer we both instantly loathed the place.

    That's interesting. I remember being shocked at how ugly the MIT campus was. Visiting in February may have had something to do with that, though.

    I mentioned that once to a friend who went to MIT, and he laughed and said, "Yeah, it's oppressive."
    We thought we'd be blown away by Berkeley. But the campus was full of litter, overflowing trash cans that bums were picking through.

    Berkeley is disappointing because it's in such a great location, but so shabby. It's like every trail and pathway through campus leads to a parking lot.

    I thought U of Florida was pretty bland and generic, too.
    edited April 2017
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  • jmek15jmek15 775 replies3 threads Member
    For me it was URochester. Even in nice weather it seemed dreary, and the student union was downright unwelcoming. Made the mistake of using our free coupon for lunch at a dining hall. Yuck. The ChemE labs were dirty and old. Nice admissions center though, I liked the free coffee. Did not like campus or vibe at either Seton Hall or RPI.
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  • MamaBear16MamaBear16 1103 replies13 threads Senior Member
    The most unexpected one was Pomona. The students looked pinched, stressed and very anti-social. Most of the ones we saw were walking around alone with earbuds in, ignoring everything and everyone around them. I thought it might have just been an off day (it was cold for LA) but when we walked over to CMC and Scripps the vibe was completely different. This was the first LAC we toured and my D wouldn't even go to the info session after the tour (which was actually quite good). I think the super-snobby "you'd be lucky to get in here" speech the adcom game before the tour didn't help. I really thought she was going to like this one.

    Brandeis just didn't click - lackluster tour guide and a campus that didn't feel cohesive. Penn was a big no, due to the pre-professional vibe, but that really didn't come as a surprise.
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