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general freshmen classes

happycappyhappycappy 27 replies13 threads Junior Member
what kind of classes are required for all freshmen?
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Replies to: general freshmen classes

  • therevengetherevenge 209 replies7 threads Junior Member
    really really horrible classes that are a complete waste of time. (i.e. WRIT-140)
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  • beammeup4beammeup4 257 replies5 threads Junior Member
    It really depends on your schedule, but like therevenge mentioned, you will be taking WRIT-140 no matter how many English/Lit AP's you've taken in high school. It's annoying, but get it over with early so you don't have to worry about writing again until WRIT-340 (something to worry about once you've finished WRIT-140).

    Along with WRIT-140 is a GE class in a category called Social Issues. I took a class called Changing Family Forms, but they offer quite a few courses. If you're taking WRIT-140 in the fall, the Social Issues course list is located here: http://www.usc.edu/dept/LAS/general_studies/GE/courseguide/fall06/category6.html

    From this point, on, I can only talk about mainly engineering, but most science-related majors will end up taking a math course (MATH 125 or 126) and probably CHEM-105a or 115a. If you're an engineer, you'll also be taking a Freshman Engineering Academy (ENGR-102a) which is a pass/fail class. The rest are most likely major-related classes.
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  • sh0rtiesh0rtie 211 replies4 threads Junior Member
    prehealth emphasis,
    science majors

    bisc 120/121 general bio
    chem 105a/115a general chem
    writ 140
    cat 6 ge
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  • redski59redski59 1344 replies37 threads Senior Member
    If you're an entering engineering freshman this fall, you're really lucky! Cuz they just announced that they are changing Freshman Academy from a two-semester course to a one-semester instead, meaning that you won't have to do the video project that we have to do.

    How bad WRIT-140 is depends on who your teacher is. Half of them are nice, where they'll help you as much as possible, while others will tell you to go away. Basically, the bottom line is YOU WILL NOT GET AN "A" ON THE FIRST PAPER! There is a lot more depth and analysis expected in college writing, and you will definitely go through some initial shock.

    Oh, and as for the required GEs, here's a web link: http://www.usc.edu/dept/LAS/general_studies/GE/
    Edit: This is the same site that beammeup also linked, except this one goes to the homepage.
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  • beammeup4beammeup4 257 replies5 threads Junior Member
    man, to be honest, freshman academy was sort've boring. Only good thing was we had (elder) Redekopp as our academy prof. I lucked out of taking 102b this semester because I'm already taking 18 units!

    Wasn't too bad though since it was only once a week.
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