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How Many Rejetions Have You Received?


Replies to: How Many Rejetions Have You Received?

  • gloaminggloaming 482 replies47 threads Member
    zero rejections, five waitlists, three acceptances
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  • kellyconn1kellyconn1 . 272 replies45 threads Member
    hellloooooooooooooooooooooo noone that wasn't rejected please!! This is a thread of mourning not celebration..ha ha.
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  • squareheadsquarehead 479 replies54 threads Member
    1 reject 2 waitlist, 3 accepts
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  • soccersarah017soccersarah017 124 replies16 threads Junior Member
    I've gotten 3 rejections so far: UCLA, Northwestern, and Dartmouth. But I got into Cal, so I am a happy girl!
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  • lrd1rochalrd1rocha 33 replies3 threads Junior Member
    1 rejection (Yale) , 4 accepts (Cal, UCLA, UCSD, UC Santa Cruz).
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  • EmmelineEmmeline 2615 replies119 threads Senior Member
    2 Acceptances. 3 Rejections (all in a row!). Waiting on 1.
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  • CBA321CBA321 233 replies32 threads Junior Member
    2 waitlists. 4 acceptances. 3 rejections.

    Honestly, the whole application process is so bizarre. Waitlisted by safeties, rejected by matches, accepted by a range of schools. Of course my top two rejected me and my number three waitlisted me but hey... number four isn't too bad... out of nine... :\ bummer.
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  • CBA321CBA321 233 replies32 threads Junior Member
    A lot of you are pretty dense for being "so smart"

    (see post #29, #22)

    There are plenty of places to boast about your zero-rejections. A post entitled "how many rejections have you received?" with people talking about all their rejections... *probably* not the place.
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  • Jimmy2588Jimmy2588 595 replies105 threads Member
    drowning in my misery.

    5 Rejections. 2 Waitlists. In one day.
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  • anonamousanonamous 795 replies99 threads Member
    4 rejections, 2 acceptances, 1 deferred
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  • bonafide20bonafide20 330 replies104 threads Member
    back when i applied to undergrad, I was rejected from UNC-CH and waitlisted at ND.
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  • celebrian25celebrian25 15082 replies288 threads Senior Member
    3 reaches. rejected at Penn, waitlisted at JHU, and almost certainly rejected at USC. Thank goodness I have 2 solid matches to fall back on (+ 3 others). No regrets though. :)
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  • infamyinfamy 534 replies27 threads Member
    5 rejections, in 2 days.
    6 rejections total, 4 acceptances. i suck at life
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  • IsleBoyIsleBoy 2668 replies13 threads Senior Member
    4 rejections, 4 waitlist, 11 acceptances.

    The latter was due to my parents wanting me to apply to certain schools. Almost half of my acceptances were due to the pressure from my parents...even though personal "fit", for them, was not a factor. They threatened, so I caved.

    Also, about half of the rejections/waitlist were also due to my parentals. Life definately would have been simpler had they left me to my own devices. Would have cut applications to about 9-10. And, the pattern would have been a bit more normal.

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  • bobbobbobbobbobbob 4751 replies20 threads Senior Member
    5 rejections (4 ivies and stanford) , 1 waitlist, 9 acceptances.
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  • megalomaniac0502megalomaniac0502 1937 replies36 threads Senior Member
    1 rejection. MIT. Blast them.
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  • bobbobbobbobbobbob 4751 replies20 threads Senior Member
    I hate you megalo.
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  • hello32hello32 222 replies76 threads Junior Member
    4 rejections (duke, dartmouth, williams, georgetown), 1 waitlist (UVa), 6 acceptances (bowdoin, colgate, hamilton, bucknell, boston college honors program, cornell)
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  • Alex M.Alex M. 178 replies17 threads Junior Member
    5 acceptances, 2 waitlist, 5 rejections
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  • em1219em1219 63 replies2 threads Junior Member
    4 acceptances, 8 waitlists (!)(LOL), 5 rejections.
    For awhile there it was waitlist after waitlist - it seemed like I was being waitlisted at every college in the world. The rejections were all from ivies.. more or less expected, hahah.
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