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Chance me (International)!

TagirixTagirix 12 replies2 threads New Member
Hey everyone!

I am applying to UW Seattle this year as an international student.

MAJOR: International Relations

Here are the stats:
1. TOEFL 85.
2. GPA ~4.5-4.7 out of 5.0.
3. Volunteer position at a well-known Seattle-based gaming company as a translator
4. International experience (went to US HS).
5. Probably, I am gonna have decent essays.
6. Diversity: I am of Russian origin.
7. I have got SAT, but it is just above National Average, so it kind of sucks. They do not require me sending the scores, though.
8. I have a few ECs, although we do not really understand what it means here in my country because we are heavily focused on academics.

Thank you everyone!
2 replies
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Replies to: Chance me (International)!

  • PineapplTreePineapplTree 13 replies3 threads New Member
    Hey there! I'm not an expert, but I see that no one has replied yet, so I'll just offer my opinion. I do know it's more competitive for out of state students, but it looks like you have a really good background, so you could talk about those on your essay.The UW looks on the wholistic profile of students, so it's not just all about EC's. The average gpa is about 3.75 so you are just around its general requirements, especially if your school grades harsher than others.
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  • TagirixTagirix 12 replies2 threads New Member
    @PineapplTree, thank you for your reply. To be frank, I doubt I can get into UW. I do not even think that I stand a chance. Maybe, the fact that I have been a translator at Valve Software will be a plus in the admission process, as the company is well-known in the area. Speaking of the GPA, I am not quite sure if I comprise the median UW GPA. If I recall correctly, I have 4.3, 4.3, 4.8 (4.3. + 4.3. 4.8/15 = ~90 percent on 100 scale). It is not so impressive because it is actually around ~3.5 on 4.0 scale. Any idea? I am really pissed off with the possibility of not getting into UW. ^:)^
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