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Social life at indian medical schools

swamyismyguruswamyismyguru 94 replies57 threads Junior Member
What is social life like at any indian medical schools?

Are people like studying all the time?

Is there any fun? like partying.

How about the dating scene?
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Replies to: Social life at indian medical schools

  • ashashashashashash 39 replies7 threads Junior Member
    my sis goes to one and no duh its tough as hell. The NRIs stay with eachother and stuff and it doesnt seem that bad. Her friends, at least the guy friends are always drunk or blazed off their ass, but have to work ur ass off at the same time... i wudnt worry bout the partying cuz every college is good for partying, u'll find ppl that wanna party all the time ... where do u live?
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  • swamyismyguruswamyismyguru 94 replies57 threads Junior Member
    sweet. o, Im from California.
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  • pdesai06pdesai06 107 replies13 threads Junior Member
    I really hate these types of questions. If you're spending all that money and time to attend a foreign med school, why do you want to go there just to get baked and wasted? If that's your goal, then just stay here in the US and go to undergrad. Med school is obviously time-consuming and hardwork.
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