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***Official UW Class of 2022 Decision Thread***

LetsGoUWLetsGoUW 37 replies4 threads Junior Member
edited November 2017 in University of Washington
In previous years threads such as these seemed to be very helpful (inspired by math3matical) and since application season is coming to a close soon I thought I'd start one. Please feel free to post questions for other applicants in this thread, and if you are willing, please let us know the results of your application in the coming months!

Good luck to everyone, and go dawgs!
edited November 2017
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Replies to: ***Official UW Class of 2022 Decision Thread***

  • natalie2022natalie2022 5 replies1 threads New Member
    Hi, I am applying to University of Washington right now and it is my dream school. I am an OOS student from California and I'm not sure if my stats are too low.
    My UW gpa is 3.85 and my W gpa is 3.95
    My SAT is 1200.
    Are my stats too low especially for someone who is out of state?
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  • DSlavaSlavDSlavaSlav 13 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Your SAT is very low for an OOS student. I recommend taking the December SAT and sending it to them ASAP.
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  • DSlavaSlavDSlavaSlav 13 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Chance Me
    UW GPA: 3.88
    Sophomore/Junior Course load
    AP Computer Science A: 3 (Was very sick on this day)
    AP Calc AB: 4
    APUSH: 5
    APLAC: 5
    AP Human Geo; 5
    APES: 4
    Senior Course load:
    AP Physics
    AP Stats
    UW English 131 and 111
    UW French 102 and 103
    Green River (local community college) IT 131
    SAT Single Sitting: 1390 (Math 690 Reading 700)
    Super Score: 1420 (720 Math, 700 Reading, 20 Essay)
    Predicting a 1450-1500 on my most recent sat
    Three Time State at DECA
    Robotics Club, all years 2 season athlete
    Network Engineer Intern for my school district all Summer-long
    Have made multiple projects in Java, C++, Visual Basic- including a school grade calculator suited for my schools particular grade breakdown and algorithm
    Youth ambassador to a city in China were I somewhat unexpectedly joined the Red Cross Society of China there and ended up on the news
    Chances for Direct Admit for CS or Infomatics?
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  • kobklolkobklol 1 replies0 threads New Member
    edited November 2017
    You have a great shot for CS
    edited November 2017
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  • CaClass15CaClass15 14 replies3 threads Junior Member
    I completed the coalition app and submitted it. Does the university have a tracking system I can use to make sure that everything has been received? I have not received any type of additional log in information.
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  • LetsGoUWLetsGoUW 37 replies4 threads Junior Member
    I believe that if they follow last year, they will send a confirmation email. In the email there should be information on how to set up your NetID. I submitted my app last week and still haven't received an email but it is probably due to the many incoming applications they are receiving right now.
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  • Merapi42AMerapi42A 93 replies6 threads Junior Member
    I read that they will send confirmation email in December.
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  • bogeyorparbogeyorpar 751 replies31 threads Member
    For those of you who have submitted or about to submit your app, did you check the generated PDF file? If so, do you find the "Program" selection anywhere on the PDF? For example, if you choose the Direct to College or Direct to Major, the program should show up somewhere in the PDF, right? Son almost finished the app and generated the PDF to review before submission, but couldn't find the Major selection anywhere. The alternative major does show up.

    Do Coalition send the PDF to UW or the actual completed application web forms?
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  • Kitty33Kitty33 29 replies4 threads Junior Member
    @bogeyorpar I looked at my son's application and I see his major listed on the second page of the PDF under "Program"
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  • bogeyorparbogeyorpar 751 replies31 threads Member
    @kitty33, on the PDF? Or the Coalition web pages?

    Anyway, I called UW admission office before two days ago. The girl who answered the phone knew about this -- many people have called about the issue. She said it's just a bug in Coalition app when it generates the PDF and it doesn't affect the app itself. In fact, the "Program" selection is a mandatory field, so "if you can submit your application, it means you have selected it correctly."
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  • bogeyorparbogeyorpar 751 replies31 threads Member
    I just logged into Coalition App and looked at the PDF again. Looks like they have fixed the bug. Now the Program is in its own page right before the UW specific questions.
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  • ericzhuNHSericzhuNHS 13 replies2 threads New Member
    Anyone get the confirmation yet?
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  • LetsGoUWLetsGoUW 37 replies4 threads Junior Member
    I still have not received a confirmation email from the UW, hoping to get one around the first week of December.
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  • ehatinehatin 2 replies0 threads New Member
    edited November 2017
    Chance Me
    I am an international student from Turkey.
    Intended Major: Electrical Engineering
    GPA: 9th=%82
    SAT I: 1430 (640R&W, 790 M) (Retaking in December, expecting 1460-1510)
    SAT II: 800 Math 2, 740 Physics
    -Engineering Internship
    -Physics Club (organized several events to raise awareness about climate change in our school.)
    -GLOBE Club (it is an international program, sponsored by NASA, which helps students to learn scientific process)
    -+60 hours of Community Service
    -Playing Classical Guitar (for four years)
    -Windsurf (My level is RS2 which is the last level before professionalism)
    -Basketball (Played it for ten years as a licensed player, then left the team but continued to play regularly.)
    Essays: I think they are decent. (8/10)

    edited November 2017
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  • Lehigh2022Lehigh2022 163 replies27 threads Junior Member

    -GPA: 3.32
    -SAT: 1260
    -Only APs taken are the three I'm taking now senior year.
    -Senior year course load: AP Psychology, AP Calc AB, AP Macroecon, Spanish 4, English 4, Gov
    -decent ECs
    -pretty good essay/letter of recs

    Freshman GPA: 3.14
    Sophomore GPA: 3.25
    Junior GPA: 3.43
    Senior GPA: so far/projected 4.0 (Weighted)
    Bit worried since both GPA and test scores are pretty low. Freshman and sophomore year were pretty bad due to some responsibilities at home (explained in my essay).

    Retaking the SAT in Dec, hoping for 1350-1400

    -First Generation

    From CA

    Major: Finance
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  • bogeyorparbogeyorpar 751 replies31 threads Member
    @Lehigh2022 , it's tough for Finance. UW weighs GPA and test scores heavily, and they don't take race/ethnicity into account. In the info session, they said that "essays are not that important; if you don't have the scores, excellent essays won't help you either." You OOS status may help a little bit -- they do want students who pay full fare of $53,000. :)
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  • Lehigh2022Lehigh2022 163 replies27 threads Junior Member
    @bogeyorpar I'm taking the Dec SAT, how much do you think my chances will increase if I get around a 1350?
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  • bogeyorparbogeyorpar 751 replies31 threads Member
    UW's 2017 class profile:

    Academic achievement, middle 50%
    High School GPA 3.70-3.95 (out of 4.0)
    Test Scores
    SAT Composite 1180-1370 (out of 1600)
    SAT Math 600–720
    SAT Evidence-Based Reading + Writing 590-680
    ACT Composite 27-32

    So you GPA is way below the 25% mark. If you get SAT 1350, it will help, but I'm not sure it can overcome the GPA deficiency.

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  • bogeyorparbogeyorpar 751 replies31 threads Member
    BTW, when looking at the 2017 class profile, I was surprised to see that UW has way more OOS applicants than in-state applicants:

    WA Residents
    12,394 applied
    7,335 admitted, 59.2%
    4,443 enrolled

    Nonresidents (U.S. + International)
    32,487 applied
    13,498 admitted, 41.5%
    2,331 enrolled

    Wow, if all the accepted OOS students come, they will totally outnumber the in-state students.
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  • eddie99eddie99 5 replies0 threads New Member
    Has anyone received information (specifically a confirmation email) from udub yet about their application being recieved?
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