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doschicosdoschicos 26828 replies269 threads Senior Member
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Paraphrased from wiki:
Yondr makes mobile phone pouches with a proprietary lock and a device for unlocking them. It allows the host of a venue to prevent people from using their mobile phone or similar device while inside. People entering a space are required to lock their device inside a Yondr Pouch and take the pouch with their device in with them. They cannot use their device until they leave or only at a dedicated spot where they tap the pouch against a Yondr unlocking point. The product deters a variety of potential activities such as unofficial or unlicensed audio and video recording, photography, or the distractions of using a mobile device at events and venues such as music concerts, courts, schools, and nightclubs.

Interesting article about the product and its creator and creation.

Has anyone encountered it yet? How was your experience?

What are your thoughts on it?

I haven't encountered it yet but I know some musical artists are using it. Jack White, for example, is using it on his upcoming US tour.

As someone who likes to be unplugged when out and about, I think it sounds great. So many applications and a pretty simple concept.
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  • Nrdsb4Nrdsb4 18103 replies164 threads Senior Member
    What if there is a need to call 911?
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  • doschicosdoschicos 26828 replies269 threads Senior Member
    The article does point to some downsides, that being one of them.

    I would imagine whether it is a concert, school, courthouse, etc. there is security and other staff present who do have working phones. I guess in that case, it's back to the old days before everyone had a phone on them. You find a person with a phone or you go to one of the dedicated spots and unlock your phone.
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