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Chance me for Columbia University?

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Hi, I'm an international student applying from the UK but I have American citizenship. Columbia is my top school, couldn't apply ED because of financial aid.

White female
Prospective major: Physics
GPA: Don't have GPA because I'm doing A levels but would be a 4.0
A Levels - Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Economics
Class Rank: no class rank
ACT - 33
ACT Essay - 10

Co-founder and President of School Sci magazine, physics editor and have interviewed many famous scientists through it
Started my own company with my peers focuses on the selling on multi use and reusable stationary sets
Independently pursuing rocketry as part of this Project Qualification the UK does.
Started a tutoring initiative for maths and physics in my community.
Have done 2 weeks of volunteering in a german kindergarten for the past three summers (because I'm german)
Mathematics Prefect, organise maths events for low-income students in the local area and run maths events in my schools

I have a couple more EC's but felt like those were my main ones.

Have received awards in the Maths and Physics Olympiads in the UK, in Maths progressed to next round.

All my Recs were pretty genuine, probably quite strong as my school known for writing pretty good recs for students applying to US universities.
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