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major help

halftheoryhalftheory 5 replies4 threads New Member
Im at my second year at cc and ive been stressing out picking my major. I have a keen intrest in film/digital journalism particularly in documentary production but i dont believe its a viable option as for a career. I do plan on still pursuing my passion later on but as of now I want more of a safety net career while also still being interested in it. My options as of now are digital marketing and UR/UX, what should i do? any advice would be helpful, thanks.
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  • juilletjuillet 12722 replies162 threads Super Moderator
    I work in user experience research. My undergraduate degree was in psychology, and my PhD is in the same field. Most UX researchers come in with backgrounds in psychology, human-computer interaction/human factors (or a closely related field), or computer science. Occasionally some have backgrounds in other social sciences. But there are other roles within UI/UX - there are UX designers (who usually have art or design backgrounds, or computer science backgrounds) and UI artists.

    There are also some UX-adjacent roles that take on all kinds of different names and have people in different backgrounds. For example, my studio has a role that's called something like "head of player voice", which is all about the experience of our players, and the person in that role has a background in marketing - but majored in international relations and Asian studies in college.

    For marketing lots of majors will work. I know a lot of people in marketing and they've majored in all kinds of things. Business and marketing are sort of the easy no-brainer choices, but lot of other things will work.
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  • KatarinawoodsKatarinawoods 1 replies0 threads New Member
    Marketing is very evolving. I would even say it is just on the way to its dawn, since if it already works in America but it is only studied and developed in many other countries.
    Consumer expectations are increasing every year, which means that marketers face more complex tasks. To stay on the crest of a wave, you need to offer users relevant, useful and personalized information.
    Of course, it will be deformed, transformed, but it will definitely not lose its importance and the need for specialists.
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