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What to wear for Harvard interview at Wells Fargo?


Replies to: What to wear for Harvard interview at Wells Fargo?

  • PublisherPublisher Registered User Posts: 6,829 Senior Member
    edited January 13
    The difficulty, and the crux of the OP's question, is what constitutes "overdoing it" with respect to dressing appropriately for this interview.

    To a certain extent, it may depend upon which city or which region of the country.

    P.S. @dot228 : Please update us on you interview afterwards. Also, are you willing to share the city or region of the US ? I ask because dress standards are often quite different in the Pacific Northwest (Seattle & Portland), then for Washington DC & the Eastern Corridor.

    Although long ago, and standards have changed, I was once told that I would not receive an internship offer from a major Southern law firm because I did not wear a suit (I wore a blue sportcoat, khaki pants, white shirt, tie & dress shoes--all brand new. The partner who told me that did so as a favor. And this was the case even though my dress was common in their office--just not for interviews, meeting clients or court appearances.) Also, I often informed of hiring discussions between HR & my relatives who interview.)
  • dot228dot228 Registered User Posts: 53 Junior Member
    Publisher: Sure, I will update this thread. My interview is next Sunday. I live in the Bay Area, and typical dress standards here are casual.

    Gibby, thank you for the detailed dress advice. My interview will be conducted by the Harvard Club of Silicon Valley so I'd assume similar dress code.

    I've already decided on wearing a blouse + dress pants so no need argue anymore!

  • PublisherPublisher Registered User Posts: 6,829 Senior Member
    edited January 13
    The West Coast is interesting. Especially Portland !

    Consider taking a jacket as well. If not needed for the interview, then for the weather.

  • sherpasherpa Registered User Posts: 4,761 Senior Member
    I have to chuckle at some of the posts here suggesting that a high school student should try to dress like a banker or lawyer just because that's where they're meeting their interviewer.

    How silly! Of course the student should dress nicely, but the idea that bankers and attorneys would be offended by casual dress is absurd. The kid isn't applying for a job there!

    As a general rule, attorneys only observe a strict code if they're due in court, and bankers are accustomed to doing business with a variety of clients, many of whom might be dressed quite casually.

    Personally, I've met with attorneys when they've worn suits and I've worn jeans, and vice versa, and I've closed large commercial loan transactions with (Wells Fargo) bankers while wearing jeans.
  • momofsenior1momofsenior1 Registered User Posts: 5,144 Senior Member
    OP had a valid question. I also think location does matter. If my daughter was meeting at someone's place of business or directly with the admissions officer, she wore a pant suit. If it was at the local coffee shop, it was more casual.

    I personally meet with students at the local coffee shop and always say to come casual and add that I'll be wearing jeans and college swag so I'm identifiable. I've only had a few students in 20+ years come in something ridiculously inappropriate. Clean and neat is sufficient 99% of the time.
  • PublisherPublisher Registered User Posts: 6,829 Senior Member
    edited January 13
    @Sherpa: They are meeting at the Harvard Club which may have a dress code. Not sure. OP should call the Harvard Club & ask.

    Harvard Club of San Francisco pool party requests that men wear sportscoats or jackets & no jeans allowed.

    Harvard Club in NYC requires business casual.
  • sherpasherpa Registered User Posts: 4,761 Senior Member
    edited January 13
    @Publisher - I'm specifically responding to the title of the thread: "What to wear for Harvard interview at Wells Fargo?", and the several responses made before the OP changed the location to the Harvard Club.

    I agree that one should comply with stated dress codes.
  • allyphoeallyphoe Registered User Posts: 2,182 Senior Member
    I suspect that the OP confused "with the Harvard Club" and "at the Harvard Club." The Harvard Club of Silicon Valley is a group; it doesn't have a dedicated space, much less one with a dress code. The Harvard Club in NYC is a physical location.
  • skieuropeskieurope Super Moderator Posts: 42,075 Super Moderator
    edited January 13
    They are meeting at the Harvard Club
    I suspect that the OP confused "with the Harvard Club" and "at the Harvard Club."
    Assumes facts not in evidence.The OP stated (emphasis mine): "My interview will be conducted by the Harvard Club of Silicon Valley" If the OP is not meeting at a Wells Fargo office, she should post an update and I will edit the header.

    As another data point,consider what is suggested on the Harvard website:

    Personally, I would go with business casual, but would suggest that debate over what "business casual" means is beyond the scope of the OP's question. Her stated choice of blouse and dress pants sounds fine to me.
    Post edited by skieurope on
  • dot228dot228 Registered User Posts: 53 Junior Member
    edited January 13
    ^ skieurope is correct. My interview is conducted BY the Harvard Club, and will be located at a Wells Fargo. My interviewer is neither a lawyer nor a banker
  • sherpasherpa Registered User Posts: 4,761 Senior Member
    @dot228 - I don’t think that I can explain why, but your last post brought a big smile to my face. I think it’s a combination of a few things: people making unwarranted assumptions, parents sincerely trying to help but going off on tangents; and then your clear, measured, and straightforward clarification.

    But the smile was already forming when I read @skieurope’s “facts not in evidence” phrase, which is, oddly, a favorite of mine.

    Good luck with your interview. I’m sure your wardrobe choice will be perfectly fine. To help relax, it helps to remember that these interviews carry almost no weight in admissions.

    Wishing you the best!
  • compmomcompmom Registered User Posts: 10,386 Senior Member
    edited January 14
    I am breaking my promise not to post to make some general points (at bottom(.

    Blouse and dress pants are perfect. Folks, noone was suggesting a t-shirt.

    From the Harvard site linked above, some "unofficial advice" from a senior, which suggests a shower first :)
    #1. Look pretty good.
    Some people really overshoot here. Your interview is not prom. Don’t cover yourself in AXE or whatever the kids are wearing these days. Don’t feel like you have to dress up, but you should shower sometime before your interview. Dress like you’re going to your slightly fancy grandma’s house, except your slightly fancy grandma’s house today is probably your local Starbucks.
    #2. Know kinda what to say.
    #3. Be genuine!
    #4. Ask some good questions.
    #5. No schmoozing.
    #6. Try to be as comfy as possible.
    #7. Be respectful and thankful! (This presumes an older interviewer; some interviewers are not that much older and may feel like slightly more experienced peers.)

    In interviews and throughout the application process. BE YOURSELF. That refers to #3 and most of all #6 ("be comfy") above. Hypothetically, If you have never worn a pants suit, it is not a good idea to buy and wear one. You don't want to try to fit a school (however misguided that effort might be).. You want to find a school that FITS YOU.

    Artsy scarves, dangly earrings, shaved hair, all black dress and jacket, whatever way you express who you are is the best way to dress. Including a neat pair of slacks and shirt.

    Last note: none of my daughters- or their friends- ever owned a pants suit in their teens (or later)!!
  • hgrad2010hgrad2010 Registered User Posts: 133 Junior Member
    edited January 16
    Harvard interviewer active in SF here---

    Please wear whatever is comfortable. I'm seriously not judging what you wear as long as it's not dirty and crazy!!

    I do, however, remember what a I wore for mine in 2005: white button down with black sweater, chinos, and this hilariously preppy J Crew blue and silver striped "tie belt." Yeah I thought I looked the part :))
  • dot228dot228 Registered User Posts: 53 Junior Member
    Thank you everyone for your advice! I just got back from my interview and it went smoothly. We bonded over sports, literature (we both hate Dickens!!!), the pharmaceutical industry and philosophy and my interviewer told me I'll be successful wherever I go because of my mindset.

    I'm hesitant to say that it went amazing, because I have nothing to compare mine to. But I did try my best to add a more personal dimension to my application. Once again, thanks all!
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