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Need Help with MOG Dress (September)

NEPatsGirlNEPatsGirl 2845 replies106 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
I detest shopping, online or otherwise, but find myself needing a MOG dress, yeah! I've spent countless hours online and IRL visited The Rack, Macys, and a few consignment stores in hopes of finding something earlier rather than later. No luck. Adrienne Papell fits me well (12P now, hopefully 10P by May) but I found their floor length dresses with sequins VERY heavy.

I've asked my soon to be DIL what her mother is wearing and what she'd like me to wear. I can't get a straight answer. I got "my mother hasn't decided but it won't make a difference" and "I'm happy with whatever you choose but please don't wear Navy or Cranberry/Wine, those are the wedding colors". Ok, so that's easy, well, except those are usually my go-to colors.

The wedding is oceanfront late September, girls are wearing long dresses, guys nice navy tuxes. Fairly upscale golf club. After trying on several long dresses I think I'd prefer mid-length or knee-length. For reference, I'm 5'1 and late 50s. Funny how all the online MOG/MOB dresses are modeled by women in their early-mid 30s from what I can tell lol, all size 2s with model bodies.

So, anyone out there want to take a shot at shopping for me? I was reading another thread this morning and it would seem others like to do this, at least a lot more than I do. So, looking for an appropriate dress, 10P-12P (IRL, apparently this can mean a 16W in some brands?) under $250. I have to be able to return it if it doesn't fit too.

Here's one that I'm looking at. Although its a petite, I know that it'll be a bit longer. Not sure that its formal enough for MOG?


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