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Harvard SCEA 2024 Applicant Discussion!!

Jedelm23Jedelm23 99 replies14 threads Junior Member
edited July 9 in Harvard University
Let's get this party started early! Feel free to vent, post stats, ask questions, or anything else you talented folk can think of!
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267 replies
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Replies to: Harvard SCEA 2024 Applicant Discussion!!

  • Debater2020Debater2020 7 replies1 threads New Member
    Hi! I was hoping you could notify me on the practicality of applying to harvard (possibly early) and being admitted. Here is a rough skeleton of my application accolades)

    GPA Weighted: 4.62/5.0
    Unweighted: 3.9/4.0
    Class Rank 43/833
    SAT: 1560
    Math 2: 790 (will retake)
    Have not taken second yet

    Speech and Debate: State champion, 4th at harvard tournament, 9th at UT tournament, 12th at nationals, 7th at Emory Tournament
    Ranked 10th in the nation

    Texas High School democrats of America

    JSA Club Founder/ best speaker fall 2017

    FBLA: Parliamentarian freshman year, 5th at state in Future Business Leader Interview

    Taekwando 3rd degree level 4 black belt


    Founder/President of BackPAC (largest student run political action committee in the country)
    Founder/President of JSA School Chapter
    Texas High School Democrats State Officer
    Class Treasurer
    Congressional Debate Captain
    Historian of MSA

    Summer Stuff:
    Notre Dame Leadership Program 2019 (fully paid for summer program)
    Rohingya Refugee Camp Volunteer 2018
    Co-Founder of summer camp for debaters
    Katy Speech and Debate Academy coach

    This is a lot to go through haha, but i'd really appreciate if you could take a look
    Thank you!

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  • Jedelm23Jedelm23 99 replies14 threads Junior Member
    @Debater2020 Yeah it looks like you have a really strong "spike" in debating and leadership. If you let that shine in your application you have a fair shot of getting into harvard and other top schools.
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  • Debater2020Debater2020 7 replies1 threads New Member
    Thank you! I wish you the best of luck in your letters.
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  • Debater2020Debater2020 7 replies1 threads New Member
    I appreciate it. Harvard is, of course, my reach school. I hope for Duke or Wharton as my more considerable options. Not sure if those are practical for me either lol
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  • Jedelm23Jedelm23 99 replies14 threads Junior Member
    @Debater2020 Yes, those may be very slightly less of a reach but both have insanely low acceptance rates, so make sure you have other schools that are easier to get into.
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  • PublisherPublisher 11600 replies155 threads Senior Member
    Better chance at Harvard than Duke or Penn-Wharton if debate accomplishments are an admissions factor. The elite universities with highly ranked varsity debate teams are Harvard--#1, Northwestern--#4 & Michigan at #10 for 2018.
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  • studentathlete18studentathlete18 216 replies21 threads Junior Member
    I will say Debate accomplishments are very common at Harvard. Be sure to distinguish yourself from the many, many other debate kids applying.
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  • Jedelm23Jedelm23 99 replies14 threads Junior Member
    @studentathlete18 Interesting... do you think debaters apply because Harvard has a good debate team? Or is it just that many students applying happen to do well in debates.
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  • gibbygibby 10540 replies249 threads Senior Member
    edited March 2019
    @Jedelm23, @studentathlete18, @Debater2020: My guess is that many applicants who are part of their HS debate team apply to Harvard because Harvard sponsors the most prestigious HS debate tournament in the country. As such, debate accomplishments are indeed very common in the pool of Harvard applicants both in the SCEA and RD round. https://www.competitionsciences.org/competitions/harvard-national-high-school-invitational-forensics-tournament/
    edited March 2019
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  • Jedelm23Jedelm23 99 replies14 threads Junior Member
    @gibby Ah yes, kind of like how MIT sponsors the Massachusetts science fair so a lot of applicants from Massachusetts will have participated in that fair and done well.
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  • gibbygibby 10540 replies249 threads Senior Member
    ^^ Yup!
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  • ErinLoflinErinLoflin 10 replies5 threads Junior Member
    I got my letter back!!! Did you get in??
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  • skieuropeskieurope 41090 replies7735 threads Super Moderator
    Did you get in??
    This is the Class of 2024 thread, and the user is a junior.
    Math 2: 790 (will retake)
    I agree with @gibby . It's a waste of time to retake.
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  • arcanine384arcanine384 23 replies27 threads Junior Member
    I will be applying to Havard this fall! So excited about everyone else.
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  • ellewennellewenn 1 replies0 threads New Member
    lmao I remember doing congress with you at some point, we're probably friends on facebook from nat cir
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  • 8thgradekid8thgradekid 74 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Hi guys,
    I'll be applying REA this fall. I plan on doing either IR, music, or bio. Do you think I have a shot or is it not worth applying?

    GPA (UW) 4.0/4.0
    Class Rank: Top 5%
    SAT: 1570 (Essay 20)
    ACT: 36 (Essay 10)
    Math 2: 800
    Chem: 800
    USH: 780

    AP Courses
    Physics 1, BC Calc, APUSH, Bio, Macro, Micro
    (All 5s)
    *also taking Multivariable calc right now

    Senior Year APs

    - attended and won 30+ conferences
    - club leadership

    - Principal at All-National, All-Regional, All-State
    - Play in local orchestra & performance tour in Europe

    Member of school board
    - manage school club budget

    - more below, will have paper (first author) published in a paper w/ IF of 20+

    Summer Activities:
    Freshman: Research internship (Bioinformatics)
    Sophomore: Research internship (Oncology)
    Junior: West Point SLE, research internship (BME)

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  • Jedelm23Jedelm23 99 replies14 threads Junior Member
    @8thgradekid Of course it's worth applying; I'd say you are competitive, but it's not worth it to get your hopes up.
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