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Redo, as my first one was not complete. Applying to Choate, Exeter, Concord, and Deerfield.

MomentoMementoMomentoMemento 12 replies2 threads New Member
Decided to not apply to Riverdale for I didn't like the atmosphere. Male, Romanian. Currently live In Illinois. 8th grade. Applying NEXT YEAR. As I finished my essays, but decided to not apply.

99th quantitative
93rd verbal
80th reading
overall 94th (lost my ssat.org password but this is what I kinda remember)

6th grade: T1 Art 99%, A
French 98%, A
ELA 97%, A
Math 93%, A (algebra 1)
History 97%, A
Science 99%, A
PE: 98%, A
T2 French 92%, A
ELA 97%, A
Algebra 1 93%, A
History 97%, A
Science 99%, A
PE: 98%, A
T2 Art 100%, A+
Music 98%, A
French 92%, A-
Ela 96%, A
Algebra 1 92%, A-
History 92%, A-
Science 97%, A
PE 92%, A-
T3 Art 100%, A+
Music 96%, A
French 92%, A-
ELA 99%, A
Algebra 1 100%, A+
History 93%, A
Science 98%, A
PE 98, A

7th grade: T1 Art 100%, A+
Music 99%, A
French 94%, A
ELA 96%, A
Math 99%, A
History 90%, A-
Science 99%, A
PE 94, A
T2 Art 100%, A+
Music 99%, A
French 91%, A-
ELA 98%, A
Math 100%, A+
History 92%, A-
Science 99%, A
PE 96, A
T3 Art 100%, A+
Music 94%, A
French 97%, A
ELA 94%, A
Math 94%, A
History 96%, A
Science 97%, A
PE 96, A
My 8th-grade grades are basically the same as my 7th-grade grades, lol. Except for French, cause I took korean, where I got As all semesters.
And Math (geometry) where I got two As, and 1 A-. Also, I'm too lazy to put my 8th-grade grades...

EC'S) Choir 4 years
Piano 7 years
Oboe 4 years, 3rd oboe in my city youth orchestra. There are 7 oboes.
Tennis 2 years, not very good though, it's just for fun.
Part of school Newspaper.
Part of creative writing group.
Operatics, I've been in 3 operas, (13 operatic performances)
Part of math club, but am not very good at it. I made our school team once but sadly had to back out as I had to prepare for a La Boheme performance.
When I turn 14, I'm looking to get a job at a local exotic reptile store (I know a lot about reptiles) and donating my salary to charities, as I won't be needing it anyway.
Awards) Took the AMC8 in 6th grade, and got a 16, took it again in 7th and got a 19. Just took it again for a 20!
Musical award, I don't specifically remember the name of at the moment.

Essays) I think they were fine, I tried being different, so for 2/4 of the schools, I used a personal narrative for my essays. That then applied to the questions.

Strengths) I'm really C O N F I D E N T
Weaknesses) I easily get nervous near testing days.
Ps: I share a laptop with my brother, MOIDIN. So if the moderators see multiple accounts under one name, one's his! He owns the account we used to write on, that we also used to share with our sister applying to college, but she doesn't really need to use cc anymore. And we kind of aren't letting MOIDIN for a better name on cc anymore, because there really is no point in letting a 6th grader here. So I'm by myself. Sry for unrelated comment, just don't wanna get banned.
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Replies to: Redo, as my first one was not complete. Applying to Choate, Exeter, Concord, and Deerfield.

  • MomentoMementoMomentoMemento 12 replies2 threads New Member
    I actually got 2 A's, and one B+ in Korean, sorry! Also I put all my grades, as I have no idea what my gpa is.
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  • MomentoMementoMomentoMemento 12 replies2 threads New Member
    Maybe 3.9ish?
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  • MomentoMementoMomentoMemento 12 replies2 threads New Member
    Also, I realized I niss-wrote some of my grades in my original post, some of which I still haven't changed in this post, as I only have part of my official report card, and based the rest off my online grades, which might not contain specific exams. For example a 98 in math, could actually be a 97, or even a 99.
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  • almondblossomsalmondblossoms 11 replies2 threads New Member
    I think you'd be a strong candidate for any of these schools - your grades and ECs are impressive, especially for an eighth grader. Even so, I'm sure you know that no one on this forum can tell you your chances, seeing as no one is ever guaranteed a place. In terms of general advice (and things I wish someone had told me before applying):

    1) Take the time to explore your passions! High school especially is a time for you to find things you're interested in and become better at them. It seems that you're already pretty involved in several activities, so keep dedicating your time to them! Prep schools aren't looking for grades, but people - show them who you are and what you like doing! I've never met anyone involved in operatics, so that's a great thing to differentiate yourself with when applying.

    2) Your essays are one of the most important, if not the most important, parts of your application. They should tell the AOs reading them who you are, what you value, and what you'll bring to the school. Incorporating a personal narrative is awesome, and definitely something you should do next year too! Anything that tells them more about you is a plus.

    3) If you have the opportunity, take advanced classes. It's important to show the schools you're applying to that you genuinely enjoy and have a love for learning, and taking challenging courses is a great way to do this. If your school offers Honors/AP, try incorporating some of them in your schedule. Getting perfect grades in an easy class matters far less than challenging yourself.

    Good luck! Keep in mind that regardless of the decisions you receive next year, you're still someone who has infinite potential. Going to one of these schools doesn't define you - although they give you more opportunities, it's ultimately you and your own motivation that decide your future.

    Unrelated, but I'm also Romanian! Are you applying as an international student? If you need any help with the application process, feel free to PM me!
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