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Chance Me: UNC-CH

Hi! I wanted to update my "chance me" post for UNC Chapel Hill.

High school junior in Wake County, NC
Asian-American female at a very large public high school
Intended major: Public Health on pre-med track, possibly double-major in Psychology (really loved the AP class I took)

GPA: 4.475 weighted, 3.9 unweighted (Will change to 4.5 weighted and 3.8 unweighted after this year ends)
ACT: 35 (8/12 on essay)
SAT: Superscore = 1540 (770 math, 770 rw) combined of a 1480 and 1520
Class rank: ~50/600 (top 8%)
PSAT in 11th grade: 1480 (Could I possibly qualify for National Merit?)
AP Exam Scores: AP Psychology (5) AP Human Geography (4)

All A's except for AP Calculus AB and BC (I really dislike math, haha). Current AP's include AP Calculus AB/BC, AP English Language, AP Environmental Science, and AP US History. Past AP's' include Psychology and Human Geography. Took Spanish 1-4 as well. Senior year schedule includes AP Biology, AP Art History, AP Literature and AP Statistics. I'm expecting to graduate having taken 11 AP courses.

Key Club 9-10th grade
National Honors Society 11-12th grade
Future Health Professionals - PR Manager in 11th grade, elected president for 12th grade
Dental Club - President
Food Ark (service club) - Outreach Committee in 10th grade, VP of Outreach in 11th grade
DECA - VP of Communications in 11th grade
-- State finalist freshman year, won fifth place sophomore year and attended Internationals
-- 2nd place sophomore year
Part-time job
Pianist --> I've been playing for almost 10 years now, have attended various competitions, etc. and have a few awards/recognitions, I've also been teaching piano lessons for about 2 years now
Dance --> I've done traditional Indian dances since I was 5 years old and I'm very passionate about it
I also help teach young kids religious classes at my local temple

I'm really worried that AP Calculus and the slight hit to my GPA from getting B's in those classes are going to hurt my overall chances to get in. I do know students who have gotten the same number of B's, if not more, and still got in, but I wanted to hear some other opinions as well. Thanks so much to anyone who reads this and gives their input!
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Replies to: Chance Me: UNC-CH

  • chb088chb088 1093 replies32 threads Senior Member
    How many Bs total? Two or less, you are probably fine. Wake and Meck are the hardest to get in from. Top ten percent is usually fine for any other county, but I’ve seen kids in the 5-10% rank be waitlisted from Meck/Wake.
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  • anjokeyanjokey 11 replies4 threads New Member
    2 B's total, in Calc AB and BC.
    Do you think that my test scores and extracurriculars can make up for it though?
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  • chb088chb088 1093 replies32 threads Senior Member
    I would say you are highly likely to get in. No guarantees though. Make sure you have great essays.
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  • anjokeyanjokey 11 replies4 threads New Member
    Great! Thanks so much for your response.
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  • anon145anon145 612 replies7 threads Member
    edited April 2019
    @anjokey does your school have naviance? for in state it is highly predictable for in state. stay within the top 10% of your class is the key. your grades and tests are basically as close to guaranteed as you can get. Look at Naviance if you have it. It's possible you won't get access until senior year starts. If you know any seniors they can log in and look for you at the scattergram.
    edited April 2019
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  • anjokeyanjokey 11 replies4 threads New Member
    I've never heard of Naviance, but I'll ask my counselor and other seniors about it. Thanks for your response!
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  • fancypants2019fancypants2019 63 replies1 threads Junior Member
    You should have a good shot, strong test scores and you fall within top 10% which is what UNC seems to really look for. Nothing is for certain since admission to Carolina is hard for anyone, but I feel you have a good shot of getting in Focus on writing great essays.
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