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What are some of your funny, family allusions?? How did they come about?

HoggirlHoggirl 2129 replies214 threads Senior Member
I love family allusions! We have actually absorbed some into our family from family friends and had others absorb ours.

Dh has a cousin who is about ten years younger than he. When he graduated from high school, we sent him a check as a gift. His thank you note was written in typical, tiny, male chicken scratch. He started right at the top of the note and only wrote one sentence so there was lot of blank space. It read, “Dear Hoggirl and Hogboy, Thanks for the cash - I sure can use it. Sincerely, Cousin.” So now, anytime anyone exchanges cash in our family, we say this line.

One time I told my father-in-law that someone a bit older that I had encountered had asked if I was related to him (he played college football for our state flagship). His reply, delivered in complete seriousness, was, “Well, I am a local folk hero.” We’ve found good use for that one as well when someone is being too braggy about themselves - “I bet you are a local folk hero.”

A good law school friend of mine told a story about her grandmother when one of her grandkids told her something she thought was crazy and disagreed with. Her response was, “Are you drunk on dope?” 😂 We’ve absorbed that one into our family and use it when someone says something we find to be preposterous.

Other family friends insisted that when their children were young and played board games and lost they had to tell their opponent, “Good game, thanks for playing.” We started doing that as well, but in a very sarcastic tone (we are a pretty competiive bunch).

Do you have any fun family allusions?
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Replies to: What are some of your funny, family allusions?? How did they come about?

  • TomSrOfBostonTomSrOfBoston 15889 replies1062 threads Senior Member
    A family member, also from New England, often used the phrase "Well bless your heart". We thought that was sweet until we learned the many meanings of that phrase in the South.
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  • BunsenBurnerBunsenBurner 41472 replies480 threads Senior Member
    Baby kid - "I am going upstairs" - when she was tired of watching TV or did not want to interact with us. So we now use the phrase to mean "I am done/ I am tired." :)
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  • kelsmomkelsmom 16158 replies99 threads Senior Member
    Any time someone in our family coughs, we ask if they have the black lung. Zoolander fans will understand.
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  • privatebankerprivatebanker 6936 replies171 threads Senior Member
    From a movie can’t remember it exactly. I think it was a parent to a teenager. Lol.

    “You shut your mouth when you’re talking to me.”

    We say it as a joke.

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  • MassmommMassmomm 4241 replies85 threads Senior Member
    @CountingDown , that Yom Kippur story is hilarious!
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  • mathmommathmom 33230 replies163 threads Senior Member
    Oh yes, we drink "Earl Grey, hot" in this house too. My mother always told the dogs, "Guard the house" when she left them alone, we don't have pets, but used to say it to the kids.
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  • BunsenBurnerBunsenBurner 41472 replies480 threads Senior Member
    "I hate Tuesdays" - from "The Terminal." When something does not go the way it was supposed to. :)
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  • allyphoeallyphoe 2552 replies61 threads Senior Member
    The last of anything is always "the last melon."
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  • LindagafLindagaf 10989 replies592 threads Super Moderator
    I have a friend who loves to take the mickey out of his kids’ latest slang. About ten years ago, it was trendy to say “snap”. My friend immediately latched on to this and when ever he could, he’d say something was “snaptastic”. Needless to say, the kids didn’t use “snap” for long.

    In our group of friends, we have been saying “snaptastic” ever since then. Always makes me smile. The kids, all adults now, roll their eyes.
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