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What are some of your funny, family allusions?? How did they come about?


Replies to: What are some of your funny, family allusions?? How did they come about?

  • HoggirlHoggirl 1901 replies204 threads Senior Member
    @CountingDown - so funny about invoking counsel!

    I love all of these, but especially, “five more handfuls” and “going upstairs” and the whale story!!

    Thanks for sharing!
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  • WellspringWellspring 1533 replies9 threads Senior Member
    Thanks to my late brother we always call the glove compartment in the car "the conglovement."
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  • oldfortoldfort 23208 replies297 threads Senior Member
    We got a lot of our sayings from D2 because she was so verbal as a toddler and she was the baby - 5 years younger than her sister.
    She loved chocolate milk when she was little. We tried to ration her, and it was not hard to see the joy in her face when it was offered to her. When she was 3 or 4, we drove by a farm with a lot of brown cows in the pasture. D2 just blurted out, "Chocolate milk cows." We all stopped more a minute before we realized why she called them chocolate milk cows. Since then we have called all brown cows that.

    About the same age, D2 complained to us how my father always took "long cut" when driving her to ballet class. We then started saying (whenever we are lost), "are we taking a long cut?"

    D1 used to get chicken and kitchen mixed up. For a while we would call kitchen chicken sometimes.
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  • ChangeTheGameChangeTheGame 935 replies15 threads Member
    edited June 2019
    My wife’s go-to when our kids do or say something dumb: “That must be your Daddy’s genes”. I hear that comment almost everyday. My kids even say it to each other now. I really should tell their loving Grandparents about this betrayal...
    edited June 2019
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  • momofsenior1momofsenior1 9265 replies93 threads Senior Member
    We have so many! I don't even know what to pick. We even have picked up some from our dog! If someone really wants something from another member of the family, we'll mimic our dog's head tilt, open our eyes wide, raise our eyebrows, and give a little whimper. ;)

    Our D called broccoli "little trees" when she was a baby. That has stuck.

    We also have code words when people are being pretentious based on a long repeated family story.
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  • jasmomjasmom 1135 replies37 threads Senior Member
    My dear father used to say "You can do it the right way or your own damn way." And he said it with a completely neutral tone. The thought of it still brings a smile.
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  • DCCAWAMIIAILDCCAWAMIIAIL 180 replies4 threads Junior Member
    A friend of ours calls sweet potato fries orange fries!

    As food/leftovers get eaten, my mom puts them in smaller containers... we call it "Grandma'sFirstName"-izing!
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  • mominvamominva 3125 replies36 threads Senior Member
    From Cool Runnings - my DH used to IM the college kids with 'Sankamon, you dead?' when we hadn't heard from them in a while. Now, I text the same.
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  • HoggirlHoggirl 1901 replies204 threads Senior Member
    @mominva - I learned “POL” (proof of life) from these boards. I often tell ds, “Don’t make me send you the POL text!”
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  • chardonMNchardonMN 173 replies12 threads Junior Member
    Whenever things are chaotic (or once in a while at times when they are particularly serene or scenic) we say "How's the serenity?" from the Aussie movie The Castle
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  • twinsmamatwinsmama 1685 replies55 threads Senior Member
    My younger brother was enamored of horses when he was about 5. If we drove past some horses, he would greet them with an enthusiastic "Hi, guys!" One day, he greeted some large mammals: "Hi, guys! Oh, they're cows." For some reason, that stuck as a family allusion, and to this day (45 years later), I still say (if only in my head), "Hi, guys! Oh, they're cows," every time I pass some bovines.

    My dad's family had some big eaters (the thin kind - wish I had that gene!) and some critics (got that gene). One of their family allusions that was handed down was tasting something, pronouncing it terrible, and then continuing to eat a lot of it "to find out how bad it is." :smile:
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  • HImomHImom 35440 replies396 threads Senior Member
    When our S was a toddler, he woke from his nap and declared he wanted “socks.” I was very puzzled and handed him some socks and he stared at me baffled and said emphatically , “No, not this, you know, SOCKS!” I was very puzzled until he led me to the kitchen and I figured out we wanted “snacks!” Luckily for him we never made that a family byword.
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